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Seen while out Caching.

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Local flora seen in Seattle while caching:



Rich & Lola and I did the cache a day or two later and saw the plants. While I signed the log Lola took pictures and then I stopped to eat some blackberries. We probably should have booked it out of there instead but the blackberries were ripe and pretty good eating! I wonder what the plant "owners" are going to think when they see geotrails leading up to their crop!  :laugh:

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On our way to and from Colorado for our recent ski trip, we made a few small detours (like 1000 miles) to pick up more counties for the Texas County Challenge. This morning, we headed south from Van Horn towards Marfa and Alpine to get Jeff Davis, Presidio, and Brewster Counties. Our first stop was in Jeff Davis county outside of Valentine, Texas in the absolute middle of nowhere at a cache called Prada, y'all! This was the highlight of the whole trip! Another one of those things you'd probably never see if not for geocaching.

Be sure to check out the pictures of the place. What a hoot! My log

There was a Sixty Minutes feature about Marfa a few months ago.  The Prada place was mentioned, but not the Geocache.

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