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Winners of the 2008 Houston GC Awards.

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Best Puzzle - GC1EV7K - Danger Island link

Best Night - GC16Z2C   Things that go bump in the night link

Best Themed Series - H.I.P.S Series link

Best Multi - GC17T70 - One Cache Loop (With 4 Stops) link

Best Urban - GC17849 - Inspector Gadget link

Best Scenic - GC1D7TW - Where Jeeps Go To Play link

Best Traditional - GC171AM - Pappy's Pants link

Best Camo - GC172VY - F - HABIT - Beautiful Colors in the Air link

Best Themed Individual - GC1BD2P - Take a Joke. Leave a Joke link

Most Physically Challenging - GC17T70 - One Cache Loop (with 4 stops) link

Best Bushwack Story - KirbyDox - Danger Island link

Best Event (tied) - GC17X95 - Love and Geocaching in the Air Event II link, GC1EM1G - GeoOlympics 2008 link 

Best Cache for Tourist - GC1FZV4 - NO BULL link

Thanks to all who have put much effort in creating quality caches. Hopefully this will inspire even great caches for the next awards.

Special thanks to the nominating committee. Ya'll rock.

Til next year.


[Edit: Added links - dadJ]

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Congratulations to all the winners! And a big thank you to Diane for all her hard work and Jason for the really nice banners. Y'all did a great job!  O0 O0

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