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I think that defeats the whole original intended idea of Wherigo, which is a GPS based puzzle.

Well, like he said, you would tailor the cartridge so that folks could walk to the pre-defined coords stipulated in it with corresponding checks (whatever form those would take) to continue on...

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On this thread on the Groundspeak forums, on the subject of an iphone Wherigo app, Jeremy says:

"For the next version we're focusing on J2ME instead of Objective C. This does not mean we won't eventually target the iPhone like we're doing for Geocaching.

J2ME opens up a broader assortment of platforms, including Android. Once we're done with this development we'll target other platforms including the iPhone. Wherigo has been designed to work across platforms and we'll be true to that goal."

Of course, that was 6 months ago... :-\

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