Wherigo - In the Beginning

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I found a Whereigo cache in San Antonio this afternoon.  It was the only cache I did all weekend.  Playing the cartridge was fun, but it would've been more fun if it hadn't been 95 degrees out!

Got a new icon added to my profile!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!

So, HC, in layman's terms, what the heck did you do?  Can you describe the process a little better since you've done one now?  Thanks!  O0

Sure.  The cache I did was But is it Still Art?  I downloaded the associated Wherigo cartridge to my Garmin iQue before we left on the trip.  We drove to the listed coordinates for the cache and parked, then I fired up the Whereigo player on the iQue and started the cartridge.  The player has sections for Locations, You See, Inventory, and Tasks.  Under locations, it showed an area I needed to walk to called The Museum.  I walked to that spot and interacted with a virtual curator who was looking for 5 pieces of art to add to his museum.  After this step, 5 more locations called Art Markets showed up in the park within .3 miles or so of where I was standing. I navigated to these places one at a time and when I'd arrive at each one, two pieces of artwork would appear under You See.  When I clicked on one, a picture of it would appear (this took a couple of minutes to load up on my PPC, for some reason).  One was a real painting and the other was a fake.  The idea is to pick the real painting and add it to your inventory.  Luckily, I had played the cartridge on the PC emulator before leaving the house, so I knew which paintings to select.  After visiting all five spots and collecting the needed paintings, I returned to The Museum and "gave" them to the curator.  Then a new location appeared nearby with an item in it called Geocache Final.  I walked over there and, using a brief description, found the lock-n-lock and signed the log!

If you want to see how it works, you can go to and download the Whereigo Builder, which includes an emulator for the handheld device.  You can then download someone's cartridge and play it on the emulator without leaving the comfort of your chair.  Most cartridges for Whereigo caches have a check to see if you are running it on a handheld or the emulator.  If you're running it on the emulator, it will stop before it gets to the part where it tells you where the cache is.

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