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Bye bye archived caches!!!

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Anyone else notice that the "old" maps were retired by Jeremy and Company?  He said there were issues with it integrating with the new updates.


So, now you can't find archived caches on the maps anymore unless some one has any good ideas...  It was nice to know where they were so when scoping out an area you could learn why something went missing...

For instance, HC posted a reference to we believe is an archived cache downtown near where we placed a new one.  When we went to confirm his reference, the cache maps were gone and with it, any chance of figuring out what he was referrning to....

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Not sure what you mean, OSC!  :P  I am able to plot archived caches in the old map system, by using the List Archived/Disabled Caches checkbox.  O0  On any cache page, select " Maps" from the list of online maps...  :)

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Really?  We're still getting an error when we go there and this is from the main GC forums:

Jeremy  May 24 2007, 02:20 PM Post #1 

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With the database and infrastructure upgrade there were some issues with how the static map images for cache listings were generated. As a result we have had to retire these maps for new cache listings.

In their place will most likely be a mapping API - probably Google Maps. What we plan to do, however, is provide an option for users to decide whether to have maps turned on or off for cache listings. We know from our earlier attempt to add Google Maps that some people on dialup had issues with the increased bandwidth requirement for cache pages.

We'll be working on new map integration within the next few weeks. In the meantime the maps will remain on cache pages if they were already generated. If they were not there are still plenty of map links to different sites that can show you local maps. Also make sure to try out the dedicated Google Maps on


Jeremy Irish

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