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A Houston area geocacher has again added themselves to the serious achievement honor roll this evening. TexasWriter has simultaneously reached 1001 straight days of logging a cache and chalked up an incredible 2000 FTFs! Congrats Brian!

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Here is a map first. 2,000 FTFs are shown on this map and they were ALL found by one geocacher, TexasWriter. Can you imagine the adventures on some of these FTFs. TexasWriter, shared that some of these Geocaches were VERY far from the published coordinates! Ask him about them, particularly the ones that were in the miles category of incorrect coordinates. A map made by Geocaching Map of Your Milestones and Extremes


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A note from ParkerPlus to the geocaching community:  Had a BLAST at the Retirement Party. Flat enjoyed seeing all of those who attended the Event. Thanks for giving me the Honor. I will treasure the Event. I was honored to have my niece and her partner to be in attendance.

As far as the Retirement goes, I am cutting down on my geocaching activities since I don't have the proper time to maintain maintenance on most of my caches. I have a mother-in-law that is taking up most of my time getting her breakfast from Kellys Resturant on Spencer anywhere from 9am till 11am, then lunch anywhere from 12:30 till 2:30. Supper anywhere from 5pm till 7pm. Doesn't give me time to travel to lot of my current caches.

As far as my caches goes, I have asked BAYTOWNBERT to take over my account with, to have them adopted out, maintain them and/or archive them as he sees fit. Anyone wishing to adopt any of my caches should contact BAYTOWNBERT. Thanks Bert.

I have enjoyed geocaching for all of these years. I have meet many cachers along the way. Thanks for your friendship and at times your help. I have enjoyed the many places geocaching has taken me.

I still have a couple of caches that I plan to put out in interesting places. I'm thinking of taking a FAREWELL TOUR visiting different Events around Houston. Also, I have a trackable you can log - PARKERPLUS' FAREWELL TOUR - 1XC93D.

Thanks to all who have given me pleasure in this geocaching world.

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