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  1. I need to pick your brains...

    Rob and I need to cement some plastic pots to the top of a brick wall. What kind of glue should we use? I figure my geocaching community would be the best place to ask. Help?
  2. FTF #12

    FTF #12 is this Sunday! Don't forget to log "will attend" if you plan to join us. Thanks!
  3. FTF #12

    FTF #12 published yesterday. Hope you can join us on July 29th! GC3Q3RH
  4. New to Forums.

    Welcome to Geocaching! In which part of the greater Houston area do you live? There are fun, friendly folks in all parts of town who will make you feel welcome. ;-)
  5. Tickets for the Belle of Louisville are on sale now

    Rob and I went to the one two years ago, and had a blast. We stayed in a hotel near the event, and it was full of geocachers from all over. We all wore geocaching t-shirts, and would introduce ourselves to each other, so soon we felt like a community that had taken over the hotel. The event was fun, but not as much fun as all of the caching we did before and after the event. We met new people at every cache we visited, and it was really fun swapping stories and getting to know new folks. Everyone was super friendly and eager to team up to go caching or have a meal together. The event was very well organized and there were lots of booths to visit. It was in Washington, so the hiking was fabulous. We are really looking forward to the next one.
  6. Tickets for the Belle of Louisville are on sale now

    Rob and I will be on board. Just bought 2 tickets. Had some trouble creating an account, though. The website didn't like the apostrophe in my user name.
  7. FTF#3 - Fine Tasting Fish

    Awesome event. Thanks for hosting!
  8. Fun Series- MABG

    Rob and I completed the eastern half of the series this past weekend. I was hoping my recently-healed broken toe could last through the entire series, but about halfway through it started throbbing so we called it a day. We love this series! Great hides, creative camo, and such a beautiful place to explore. We'll be back next weekend to find the rest of the caches in the series. Very well done!
  9. Logging DNFs

    I log the DNF. I think everyone should. It alerts the CO to a possible problem, and alerts other seekers to the problem as well. As a CO, I check on my caches whenever someone logs a DNF, and if the cache is missing, I replace it (or if need be, archive it) ASAP. Often it is missing, but sometimes it is there, in which case I make a note to that effect on the cache page. Either way, the knowledge is helpful and reduces frustration for those hunting for caches.
  10. Just started Germs Guns and Steel, by Jared Diamond.

    Congratulations Kirbydox! Congratulations LA and BB too! You guys are awesome. ;D
  12. Odd Jobs

    Rob and I recently hired two college boys from our neighborhood to do a couple of odd jobs for us. They pressure-washed our brick wall and replaced the rotting mailbox post and attached a new mailbox. We were very pleased with their work, and found them to be hard-working and reasonably priced. I told them I would spread the word about them, as they could not find summer jobs and are looking for ways to make some money for school expenses in the fall. Let me know if you need their help. I have an email address I can share with anyone who wants to contact them. ;-)
  13. Another semi-newbie in Katy

    Welcome to the world of Geocaching! I'm hosting the next West Side event. It will be the third Wednesday (17th) in August, at El Rancho Restaurant (on IH10 @Barker Cypress), from 6-8:30. If you can make it, you will meet tons of fun folks who will welcome you with open arms! Hope to see you there... Here is a link to the cache event page:
  14. Will Cache for Food #8

    Rob and I will be there, Ralph. Thanks for hosting!
  15. I got a new video up

    Excellent video! Thanks for posting. ;-)