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  1. FTF Promotion

    Presumably after the first month of free premium membership, the friend will be hit up for renewals? That's not very friendly.
  2. HGCS Membership Defined

    just ready my post from 3 years ago and it made me LOL. I'm my kind'a cacher I guess.
  3. Flyover Country App

    I just saw this app and have loaded up my next flight's route. Just switched to a window seat and hoping for no clouds!
  4. Silent Auction Items Needed

    Kate's making camo potholders to donate.
  5. The Secret Bolt

    The jokes on you!
  6. The Secret Bolt

    The jokes on you!
  7. Good opportunity to finish any partial merit badges, or at least get requirement 8 signed off and talk about how to use that part to easily complete requirement 9. Those are the two hardest ones to complete for the whole merit badge. Oh, and it's a CITO so all that goodness applies as well.... and maybe even a Road Trip souvenir if you haven't gotten it yet.
  8. GIS

    I agree Thot. I think that would just confuse newbies. However, I am going to bookmark it for myself!
  9. STS series

    It's a great Puzzle training ground!
  10. New Search feature on

    Actually... I like the ESRI maps (under leaflet). The Imagery is out of date, but the ESRI World Topo Maps are pretty great. At least where I have looked, the natural feature labels are much more accurate than Google. It is a Topo map so you can see terrain. It shows streets and has very accurate house and building shapes, which makes sense since that is what ESRI software does for millions of municipalities around the world.... well at least a whole lot of 'em.
  11. New Search feature on

    Confirmed. Email replies to message center notifications go into the ether. I think their message center is all about It reduces their email server load, but screws up users. The notification emails should at least make it clear that sending a reply won't work. Or at least bounce your reply back to you so you know it didn't go through.
  12. New Search feature on

  13. Portable washer

    I don't know about clothing, but that would make an awesome salad spinner!
  14. Chirp/Beacon iPhone?

    Sounds like Team Trog's cache and Buks cache are very cool and inventive by using the SSID. Very cool. Buk's might have a the beacon attribute but if it's just using the SSID, than it is not a Garmin Chirp or NFC beacon which is what is covered at present by the official description of a beacon cache. So, if Buk's is based on a SSID, then Tealcat's iPhone should work as is. Just google SSID and you should be able to figure out what to do at GZ. As far as official Beacon hunting goes.... The iPhone will not be able to do either. Garmin's Chirp is based on ANT+ which can be found on some nokia phones but I'm pretty sure its not on the iPhone. Apple has also reserved NFC for the exclusive use of ApplePay, so you can't find those beacons either. Maybe consider switching to Android? (sorry I couldn't resist the jab) The 64s will need to have the Chirp capabilities turned on. It's a menu item hidden deep in the bowels. I think it's under the Geocache settings, but not completely sure. Most people keep it off by default since it consumes battery life. I have also found that Chirps are very very finicky. I think the concept of Chirp was good but in reality, it leaves a lot to be desired. Hope this helps, -Greg
  15. I want one of these

    ha ha ha... I was thinking about this while I was at my son's Awards program tonight. Can you imagine the chaos of this at an out door high school or college graduation?!? I would want a drone just to film the other drones!