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  1. Silent Auction Items Needed

    Kate's making camo potholders to donate.  
  2. Bump for Thursday:   Thursday is Tap Night.  A little birdie told me they are tapping 3 rare beers instead of just one this week.     Although I don't want to distract from the primary planning... maybe a side conversation about next year would be in order.  Its never to early to start planning!

    Are we making a big announcement of this at the TC 2015?
  4. BlockParty 2015

    I have mixed feelings about this... I have gone the last two years and had more fun than either of the two geowoodstocks that I went to.  But three in a row seemed much so I was going to pass on it this year... but it is the last one and sure to be bigger and better than ever.   On the other hand, the lab caches seem to be the same as they were last year.  They were great, but I hope they mix it up a bit.... probably just don't have the details yet and needed to release something.   I do hope the replace it with something fun.... If I know groundspeak, they will probably offer a Premium Block Party for a $30 ticket.  
  5. Thanks for stepping up TDW!  I think focusing on Fun is a great idea.   You don't **need** a tech team... but you do need to distribute the GPX that you will get as team leader to the rest of the team.... or no one will be having much fun.
  6. It takes a lot of coordination to make a strong showing in the challenge,  so here's some of the positions we need filled (yes, it is not ALL of them, but we have to start somewhere!).   Please post if you want to be included, but leave the details to the private board which you will be given access to once you step up.   Tech Lead The go-to person for all things tech.   Not that you do everything, but the one guy or gal that knows who is doing it all   Planning  Even if you cant make the event, planning is critical.  If you have suggestions from years past, please share (in the private board)   Onsite Infrastructure This means making sure we have a place and space and equipment and power on the day of the event.   GPS loading Got/Know GSAK? The precious few minutes between when the team captain gets the GPX and when the hunt begins is critical.  We're always through a curve ball, so we need a tight team to copy/massage/distribute the coordinates, and a few experts to help help them, and a few runners.   Got good organization skills or just a tolerance for mayhem?  This is the job for you.   Communications We've seen in the past that good communications (along with planning) can be a game changer.   Puzzle master Works closely with the communications team to coordinate the info coming from the field related to puzzles and multis.
  7. OK, ya'll know I talk a good game... and yet again, I will be out of town for the Challenge this year.   I will not be able to be onsite as part of the tech team, but I am willing help in advance.... but  we need someone else to take charge of tech since neither Jason or I will be at the challenge.    Then again, since we don't have a captain, I'm not even sure we're fielding a team.
  8. 5th Annual CLAPS Moonlight Paddle Event 12/6

    as it turns out, we decorated the shore house instead.  I hope you'll had fun out there.  Seemed a beautiful night for it from here.
  9. 5th Annual CLAPS Moonlight Paddle Event 12/6

    Is Pinky still the out fitter of choice for this?   On the off chance he still has a yak or two, we might be there.
  10. I heard the crickets chirping all the way in China!   My hat's in for the tech crew.
  11. Hey! Where are all the pics from Geocoin Fest ?

    I guess I'll just have to actually attend the event next time.    skeleton face?!?
  12. I saw the obligatory BB buck tooth (albeit on a jeep) and a few coins... where's all the fun ones?   Totally bummed I had to miss the event(s) so close to home.   I hope everyone who went had a great time.    
  13. Hot Sauce Festival 2014 & Great Balls of Fire Flash Mob event

    The flash mob is today but the festival is both Saturday and Sunday.
  14. Hot Sauce Festival 2014 & Great Balls of Fire Flash Mob event

    The Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire - Flash Mob Event has published:      I updated the moment of silence to include Bosun and ECM41,