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  1. Geo Woodstock XI 2013 Roll Call

    You can leave it there.
  2. Geo Woodstock XI 2013 Roll Call

    Not me, but if you're driving, you can take my fridge door.
  3. So The Snoogstress, Snooglet, some muggle friends, & I will be hangin' out allllll day near the Surf Cam Cache tomorrow. We plan to get there and get set up by 10:30am or so and we plan to hang out until at least 6pm. You are welcome to come join us if you are so inclined. We were there Friday before last during Spring Break and the beach wasn't crowded. It's a really nice place to hang out. If you can't get Seawall parking there is pay parking across the street. Look for for my green EZ-Up on the beach between the webcam and Joe's Crap Shack. There will probably be at least one or more teeny tiny kites flying from the tent as well. Everyone is welcome. BYO everything. It would be kinda cool to get a group photo at the webcam.
  4. A cool event on a cool date.... 10.11.12

    Cool beans! I need to buy 2 HGCS coins from you...
  5. A cool event on a cool date.... 10.11.12

    Bumping to hopefully create some interest in this one.
  6. Event-A-Palooza ala Snoogans

    Don't ask me why I did did this. I must have a screw loose. It's like I couldn't help myself. I've enjoyed hosting the 2 events I posted earlier this year. Both were out of state. (Washington D.C. & Louisville, KY) I think I'll be hosting at least 6 or 7 events in 2013, but I've never done anything like this before.... I hope everyone doesn't get burned out. GeoCasual Friday: Lunch Hour Edition Houston October 5th 11:15am to 12:30pm-ish GeoCasual Friday: Outer Mongolia Sugar Land October 5th 6pm to 8pm-ish Building Better Worlds Since 10.11.12 Houston October 11th 4:30 to 6:30ish Snoogandipity on the Space Coast Merritt Island October 21st in FLORIDA 9am to Huntsville is Happening.....AGAIN! Huntsville SP campout November 3rd 9:30am to 9:30pm Snoogandipity in "The Good Land" Milwaukee November 11th in WISCONSIN 7pm-8pm-ish Will Cache For Food #23: The Mongolian Horde Sugar Land November 19th 6pm to 8pm-ish A.'O.M. 17: Purple Monkey Dishwasher Houston December 3rd 4:15 to 7pm-ish W.E.G.E. #9: The Island of Misfit Toys ASC Houston December 8th 4pm-8pm-ish 12.12.12 12:12:12 A.M. Sugar Land @ Midnight Gathering At The End of Time...Or The Beginning??? Sugar Land December 21st @ midnight
  7. Thumpmeister is coming! That's one mostly retired cacher that was at the original event who will be there. Yay.
  8. When I saw this date in the credits of the new Alien franchise film, I knew right then I would be hosting this event.
  9. We are camping for vacation this year and want to know if anyone wants to camp with us.... The last attempt at a reunion event @ UsMorrows place got cancelled for a hurricane or sumthin' as I recall.... Let's try again in Huntsville.
  10. I full on realize there is another cache-mas event that day, but it ends at 3pm and mine starts at 4pm for the folks that want to do both. The game starts at 5pm sharp so there's plenty of time In between.
  11. Who's going to the UnNamed Event on September 15th?

    All 3 of us I think. Maybe even Cujo too.
  12. San Antonio and Maze

    When is the official opening of the maze? Those events are kinda vague on that. Plan for over an hour for your visit with Barney. Have a nice respectful escape plan if you can't stay that long. Barney is awesome. I'll visit him again when I go do the maze.
  13. Geocaching Block Party and APE Event

    Just remember that petty crime is pretty high in the Seattle area. Keep your valuables with you or locked up. And by locked up, I don't mean in a car. Also, don't miss XXX Root Beer if you want some great food that is really bad for your health. One more thing for all you Northern Exposure fans... Roslyn, Washington aka Cicely, Alaska is a short drive from Snowqualmie Pass to the East.,_Washington
  14. Geocaching Block Party and APE Event

    Hey what are friends for. You're like an adventure magnet. Stuff just happens to you. You can't blame that on me.