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  1. Events - How to primer?

    Groundspeak won't publish an event for the purpose of meeting up and going caching. Do not mention it on the page. Plan a nice picnic in a park to last maybe 2 hours and then go caching after with as many folks that want to.
  2. Best Pizza in the Houston Area?

    What happen to Mellow Mushroom? They make pretty good pizza's if you are in the Spring area. Holy crap! I didn't even know there was one around here! The only one I've eaten at was in Asheville, NC. I love MM.
  3. New in Willis

    Lol. You're in good hands. If you stalk Patty's profile you'll see she's a professional geocacher.
  4. That's what sh.. oh.. nevermind...
  5. Another half baked Snoogans project. So, power trail anyone? Or should I put them out piecemeal? Any ideas on a good location for a power trail? SW of course.
  6. Geo Woodstock XI 2013 Roll Call

    You can leave it there.
  7. Geo Woodstock XI 2013 Roll Call

    Not me, but if you're driving, you can take my fridge door.
  8. HGCS Membership Defined

    1. I just want to be worshipped as the true geocaching god that I am. Worship me dammit! 2. Thou shalt sacrifice thy travel bugs unto me. 3. Blessed are the micros for they shall inherit geocaching. 4. Speaketh not of the wetness of thy neighbors log and ignore the mold on thine own. 5. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors geocoins. 6. Thou shalt not holdeth thy neighbor accountable to thine own aesthetic sensibilities. 7. Thou shalt holdeth thine own self accountable for thine own choices of how to spendeth thine own free quality time. 8. Thou shalt always remember that geocaching is dependent upon the good will of other cachers who hideth the caches for you to findeth and hosteth the events you attendeth. 9. Thou shalt looketh after thine own safety and the safety of thine own valuables and remain alert for danger at all times. 10. Thou shalt not bear false witness to muggles, and always explaineth that you are geocaching.
  9. Flattery will take me from having an innocent man-crush on you to full blown stalker. Just sayin'. I mean really.... I've already spent a couple nights sleeping in your driveway..... That you know of...
  10. Flattery will take me from having an innocent man-crush on you to full blown stalker. Just sayin'.
  11. I actually reversed my opinion of wanting to see TC die this year. I just hate to see it suck resources from what could be a real Texas based mega event that would bring in visitors from beyond Texas. Live and let live. Leave TC to the die hards. If this year's TC was really a mega based on actual attendance AT the event, I'll eat a bug. I didn't see it. That wasn't really a mega event anywhere but on paper from my observation. There I said it. Most folks won't travel for 2 big Texas events. I say put it to a TXGA vote. TC or a real Texas mega event. When the Texas mega wins, let the die hards take turns hosting TC until it dies on its own. Set it free. TXGA has been keeping it on life support since 2006 when Centex changed the format or it would have died long ago.
  13. Zombie flamingos do something. They bite. Zombie Flamingo = Fun theme in my book, but I'm sorta sick and twisted so... Forgot where I was going with that. Oh look SHINEY!
  14. Wow! Do a google image search for Zombie Flamingo! We came in dead last so the back from the dead mascot would be most appropriate.
  15. My opinion.... Not that anyone asked... Geocaching competition is an oxymoron. I'm not a bleedin' heart PC liberal and I believe in winners and losers, but introducing competition into a community that exists because of the good will of the next guy who wants to hide a cache is counter productive in my not so humble opinion. I go to the Texas Challenge to see folks from around the state that I don't usually get to see... But even after the competition is over, the groups stay segregated by region like a prison yard does by race. It's interesting to watch people drive as much as 6+ hours only to hang out with the people they see at local events. My new favorite meme is "The adventure begins where your comfort zone ends." I stopped participating in TC after the wonderful display of sportsmanship in 2005. I wish Texas could host an annual Mega Event without the competition. Hopefully The Texas Roundup will become that event and TC will be left to the die hard competitive cachers.