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  1. Puzzle accuracy

    Thanks for the help. And the math. I will use six feet when I seek a new clue for the cache. Here is a link to the old clue going buh-bye: Here is the cache in question: You know the drill - feel free to visit the cache page, but please don't post solutions. dadJ of Team_J
  2. Puzzle accuracy

    Thank Thot. You might remember when someone relocated my multi-ton virtual cache. Now a state highway department has gone and explosively demolished one of my clues.
  3. Puzzle accuracy

    I have a puzzle cache that needs a slight tweaking, as one of the permanent clues was changed in the name of progress. The problem is that I will need a new clue that is three digits long for the decimal portion of the north coordinate. Do any of you puzzle fans know how far each thousandth moves a cache to the north or south? How far is 42 59.857, -77 12.345 from 42 59.856, -77 12.345? dadJ of Team_J (Edit: added bogus west coordinates)
  4. What do YOU want for Christmas?

    I want this Jeep.
  5. This is brilliant in its simplicity. The only missing step is to then shift the one layer over a bit. Try starting with about an eighth of the total width, but you will know when they line up -- the background will become virtually black. Thanks!!
  6. Dead site?

    Always a good time down on the bayou. Thanks, gents. (Dusting off my 8-track collection as I speak, er... type)
  7. Big blackwidow on cache

    I still have nightmares about banana spiders from a certain geowyz! cache. Thank goodness I have never seen a black widow except for in the zoo. Thanks for posting the photo. But wait, there's more [Ed: had to go to the second link just to reestablish my nightmares]
  8. Dead site?

    I just got dumped by both sponsors, effective 7/1/2010. I looked, and it seems that few of the users I randomly picked even log on there anymore. Has gone the way of the brontosaurus?
  9. Park and Gab 20: Holiday Edition

    Elisa, We tried to catch this one, but timing was not on our side. We had to drive our Boy Scout (Robert) up to Camp Strake to sneak him into the winter campout to see some of his old Cub Scout buddies for a couple of hours. Hope to see you in 12/2011. Bill (aka dadJ of Team_J)
  10. I was glad we could make this one. It was hit or miss, as our Houston hosts are not geocachers (imagine that?!?!). Thanks Snoogans for an awesome event. We had a great time. Bill (aka dadJ of Team_J)
  11. Image used in puzzle question

    Yes. That is exactly where it is from. And unlike most pictures on cache pages, this one links back to a geocaching log, but one that is neither for this user, nor this cache. I've seen that image before. I can't quite place it, but it seems like it is on some long unsolved puzzle cache. Is that right?
  12. Image used in puzzle question

    Is there a way to determine from the URL of a log image alone which cache it is from, or who posted the image? The format is<GUID>.jpg <GUID> does not seem to correspond to a user or to a cache. Maybe there is some math behind the creation of the GUID? The actual picture I am interested in locating is here:
  13. Man Falls to his Death While Geocaching

    "Icy cliff next to the cache":
  14. News IQ

    6. Not too surprised with my score, but am surprised by where that sits on the bell curve. Ignorant Amerikins (the ones who scored lower than I did).