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  1. Changing from Traditional to Multi

    Thot, when did you move out of Texas?
  2. GSAK Use

    GSAK will import each gpx file in whatever order you put them in, if a cache is duplicated , by default the newest import will overwrite the older copy in your database. if you want all 10 gpx files in one database, only create that one, or you can create separate databases, for whatever divisions you want (parts of town, cache type, home area/trip planning).
  3. Challenge Cache Moratorium

    I think that the cache owner should be able to show that they have completed the challenge before posting it, this shows that the challenge is able to be completed and not just another pipe dream sign and never complete cache. I like the idea of a unique sub-icon for challenge caches to help sort them, how about a red question mark,Still falls under mystery cache, but shows up on map and searches differently.
  4. 62s Help

    Here are the instructions to create custom maps There are some pre-made maps in the files section here on and there are also some hosted at just look down the menu on the left column of the homepage.
  5. 7 or 11 Symbol Challenge Cache

    Here is a Busy Day Challenge, and for over achievers an Extra Busy Day Challenge, and for hardcore cachers an Extremly Busy Day Challenge.
  6. SETX Gang Octoberfest 2014

    Last chance to order, we will place our order this afternoon.
  7. SETX Gang Octoberfest 2014

    Yes you did, thanks.
  8. SETX Gang Octoberfest 2014

    Monday is the last day to place an order for T-Shirts, we will be placing our order at 4PM.
  9. SETX Gang Octoberfest 2014

    Just a reminder, One month left to order. Only 2 weeks left to order shirts.
  10. New Free TB

    They were sent to the wrong addresses on purpose, this was genius marketing......... When You're In It For The Long Haul, Things Are Bound To Get Lost Along the Way Help the Heffleys find their lost luggage! Greg, Rodrick, Manny, Mom, and Dad have hit the road, but they've lost a few things along the way. Can you help them find what they're missing?
  11. SETX Gang Octoberfest 2014

    Just a reminder, One month left to order.
  12. Could be from most anywhere. He goes to the story. He lives here in Beaumont most of the time since 2007 when he married one of our local news anchors.
  13. SETX Gang Octoberfest 2014

    Orders are now being taken for the 2014 Octoberfest Shirts, you can order and pay online at this link or see momshark Dorothy Chesson Way at a SETX Gang event to pay in person. All orders must be in and paid by 4pm September 1st.
  14. SETX Gang Octoberfest 2014

    Welcome to the 9th Annual SETX OctoberFest 2014 October 18th We have booked the "Tribal Pavillion" in Camping area D for this Spectacular Fall Event on Lake TomBigBee. Pavilion is in Area D & has been reserved for Saturday ONLY. Watch for 100 New Caches & 300 new Munzees along Hwy 190 and the surrounding area before OctoberFest.
  15. Post IN THE QUEUE teasers here

    It is easier to answer all those virtual questions with someone who really knows the area with you.