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  1. Android G1 from Tmobile

    The word is that Groundspeak is putting out an Android version of their Geocaching app sometime in the next couple of months. if this is true then I may being saying good bye to cachemate. We will have to see if it works as well as the Iphone app does.
  2. Event Questions?

    What is the Texas Challenge? Geowoodstock? Been caching one year now and I keep forgetting to check this site for local events.
  3. Android G1 from Tmobile

    Thanks! I have had more time with my G1 and my Legend Hcx side by side and the cache application I am using right now is called Cachemate on the G1. I have also uploaded a good street map set for my legend so they both provide a near real time navigation of the streets highways and roads. Cachemate is a lot more functional than Geobeagle and the pocket query system is very easy to use. Map navigation in google maps is also helpful. The Garmin unit is better at staying pointed at the cache. The G1 lets me see where I am and where the cache is and where the roads are between us. It doesn't get much better than that. On the downside, G1 without a data network, like out on the texas louisiana border at toledo bend, is useless for maps, it can still point at caches in your preloaded pocket queries and locate by gps but it loses its small advantage over the Legend once the network is gone. Learned this the hard way last weekend as we cached all over east Texas around Toledo Bend and logged 48 caches. It gets hard without a good road map. My Legend now has a very good topo map. Ray
  4. Android G1 from Tmobile

    I have started using the Geobeagle application on the G1 phone. It works remarkably well in the simplest use. It just finds caches on Geocaching.com that are near your current position and uses the Radar application to point you in the right direction and get you there. You can even log your finds from the radar application of Geobeagle. It is not real easy to understand and is not intuitive but once you know what you are doing it is a breeze. I believe it can also load pocket queries into a list of caches to find but I have not had time to play with that feature yet. If you have an Android phone, the geobeagle application is a free download, as is the Radar application. Enjoy! Ray