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  1. iPad

    My answer is Who Cares.
  2. Flash Forward

    Hate to thread jack but, omg I got all the countries in pandemic 2 once. Even madagascar. I took a screenshot, but it's on my work computer. poo
  3. Flash Forward

    Watched the first and second episode and lost interest. Looking forward to reading the book it's loosely based on though. I think because I read the wiki on the novel beforwards I got my hopes up that it would be a drama about sciencey people doing sciencey things, like a TV-Drama Gordan Freeman. Unfortunately, while it's pretty unique for regular tv fare, a drama about physicists is still a bridge too far. I'll probably watch it online after the season finished up. Y'all tell me if it gets really awesome and I'll know I'm wrong and need to catch up fast.
  4. Where do you buy your ammo cans??

    We go to the command post too. The side-reward is that if we pick up the silica packets on the floor near the boots and bags and dutch ovens, they let us take them home with us.
  5. Love the rye chips and the chex. Wish they would just toss the pretzels already. bread sticks are ok i guess.
  6. Personal Antivirus Fake Software

    At least you were able to get rid of it. I had one like that once and it made it so if I searched or tried to go to any website that had anti-virus/malware downloads, it would forward you to their website. I tried to be clever and put the install on a jumpdrive and plugged it in. It allowed me to install it but didnt allow that, or any other anti-virus software to update its definitions. In the end I decided sitting for hours cleaning my computer up wasnt worth it and i just reinstalled windows. blaaaah I even remember how I got it. I looked up a chinese astrology website for one of their almanacs because my boyfriend was asking me a question about it and the page seemed to be taking forever to load. I got up to get a coke and when I came home my computer had restarted. It took me a moment to realize it was malware and not windows autoupdating. blargh
  7. Android G1 from Tmobile

    I've been using Geodroid because when I first got my G1 Geobeagle was in between patches or something and wasn't working right. Since then Geodroid has improved a lot. It can import the.. .loc and (cant remember the other one) files. It can also show several caches on the map at one time, though it doesn't always do this perfectly. The only problem is that it's kind of slow and tries to force close on you but since I stopped trying to put 300 listings in it at a time, it is working much better. Sometimes it tries to force close but if you click wait instead of force close, it will continue working. Slowly.
  8. Does anyone use Skype?

    I use it all the time to keep in touch with my friends who moved away to college. The quality is pretty good most of the time.
  9. What's that wet stuff coming out of the sky?

    No power for 4 hours last night. Thank you mother nature, instead of doing work or paying bills we got to sit on the porch and watch a light show and then go to bed early. Sweet.
  10. I'm sure I don't know what it is, but it looks *delicious*.
  11. A Father's Day gift

    I got one too from one of Manvel's finest.
  12. Burn bans in effect

    The sign means there's no ban on fireworks in unincorporated harris county.
  13. Is the Heat Slowing You Down?

    My brother has tried to rouse me into doing a few runs around the medical center but I'm a wimp and it's baking outside. When will cool-suits be cheap and fashionable?
  14. BING.COM

    Bing has too much on the screen for me.