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  1. Cachly?

    Why can't he see anything on the free one? There are better ones out there for a few bucks - Cachly - but it's ok for what it is, considering made it.
  2. Virtual Reward :)

    Go to your notifications and click add and select virtual. From there you can get notices on publishing, archiving, etc. I've just never had publishing on. And just because he's one of a few in the area (Drew8 got one, too, I hear) that doesn't mean one couldn't be published here. Of course the limit is still 50 miles.... :/
  3. Virtual Reward :)

    Don't forget to go add Virtuals to your published notifications! Since I've been a member none have published... so of course I had no notifications set. It's not global -- it's done by type so you have to go add it.
  4. Google Earth Pro?

    In the Old days, you needed Pro (when you had to have paid or subscribed) to solve East Texas' Hardest Mystery Cache. I think it has those features, but I'm not in front of a computer right now that has it and have never had another puzzle that used that to have to try it. Not that I'm encouraging that kind of thing.
  5. Cachly?

    I'm simply used to the GC app. But the more I use Cachly the more I like it. It doesn't always flow as easily in my mind, but once you get used to it there is more functionality. My favorite is the ability to post more than one photo in a log. I also like that the visit/drop a TB functionality is within the log of a cache. I hate the new drop a trackable in the GC app.
  6. Looks Like a Great Event

    Looks like fun. Now, why Joni had do schedule the eclipse on a weekday when I have to work is beyond me.
  7.'s name search

    if you mean the Find Another Player link, that could be because she's georeyna now.
  8. How much climbing

    Could bring a step-stool.
  9. New Shuttle?!?! And a Canada souvenir too?

  10. New Shuttle?!?! And a Canada souvenir too?

    Come to this event: Oh jeeze, it's Canada Day! Come to an event, eh? Event: Saturday July 1, 2017 8:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. Come join the fun and maybe get on some FTF action. Link to the event - click here
  11. Best TB resurrection story Last log was 8/19/2010. Today I got this: Just received this coin from a Muggle."do you know what this is? I have it now since 2011 and heard you might find this useful " So this coin is finally back in the game!
  12. Muggle, muggle, muggle

    If they view it from the app it may not log. And if they just DL the coords and upload a find from GSAK or go straight to the logging page (i.e., the loophole for family members on premium caches) they won't show in the audit log as they did not visit the main cache page.
  13. Garmin 64 Series Firmware ver 4.70

    The wireless transfer always worked better on my Oregon 450 than the 64s and predecessors. Now that I have "upgraded" (?) to the Oregon 650 that functionality has gone to less functional than the 64s.
  14. Baytown Geotour info here

    Got the mail today and my coin and other prize-level swag was in the mail from Saturday. I turned in my passport on Sunday by e-mail and got a nice acknowledgment back Monday morning saying the coin and swag would go out that week. They are on top of it! Loved the geotour. Took me to a bunch of places I have been to before, but also a bunch of places I've never been to or seen. There are some fun ones, some good containers, and one or two that were pretty challenging. It was a nice mixture all the way around. We ended up going to the Pipeline Grill. Never been there and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  15. Two Copies of a Travel Bug in Circulation?

    I had a frog one once. They put out 5 of them. Not knowing, when I read the description it said to see if you could place it in a new cache before it hopped away. Sure enough, someone 'grabbed' it from me and put it in a cache overseas. So you just drop it and someone retrieves it and thinks someone else hasn't dropped it and .... you get the idea. Times five. If your 2nd copy comes back into circulation it would be like that. But less.