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  1. I10 East Caching

    Fountain of Youth Earthache: It's a short trip off the hwy and can be done quickly, although in the summer we spent some time there with the kiddos.  
  2. 6th Annual CLAPS MoonLESS Paddle Event 12/12/15

    It's tonight.  Come on out even if you're not going to paddle.
  3. GBP TEXAS - soda tubes on tallows

    Ok -- condensed version of what I tried to send and hit submit and it just disappeared. >> W/all that being said, isn't nearly a year w/ no found or maintenance logs excessive for such a great series? What do you mean by this? More people should be visiting? Or owners should be coming by more often to check on them? >>would appreciate help with maintenance if I were co-owner of it. While I understand this, let me tell you it's no fun getting logs where people have replaced without asking and future finders say "found both and signed both logs." For this reason, many COs don't want people just replacing. We may be picky about who we let replace. >>nobody goes back once they get all the TEXAS or is that not right? Let's say you did the S. And the A. You going back? Certain series lend themselves to that. Many attendees at CLAPS paddle events are waiting on the new series to come out but will come paddle that series at any event. But that's a bit different than just about any normal series. CLAPS, Once Cache Loop, Four Cache Loop, and Soda Tube Trials #2 are the only other caches/series like that I can think of around here that most people voluntarily go do again just to do it again. Think of this first as a game. Second think of the location and ease of maintenance and the time commitment necessary. TEXAS is not easily maintainable. And partly for the reasons you state -- infrequent visits -- the maintenance factor is lower than a normal series with easier access. With GBP, you know what you're getting into. I hate having an unfound in the middle of art or series. I feel bad when someone goes 1/2 up the bayou and can't find one. But I don't want them swapping it out without facetime or it being someone I trust. And on my paddle caches, I'd say the DNFs truly result in missing caches about 50% of the time. Sometimes a DNF is just a DNF no matter how frustrating. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Tarpon 140

    I would think if anything most would be conservative because they know X% of people will go past that limit a bit, but a small Y% will go way way way past that limit.  This covers the X people.  But for the Y people, when they go to defend themselves in the lawsuit, they have a built-in safety factor with which to further defend themselves. That said, I think it truly depends on the type of yak and purpose.  I would think the more specific of a purpose (think those skinny long rowing yaks) the more accurate it would be.  The more general usage and more novice user targeted the more slush factor you'd have.          
  5. GBP TEXAS - soda tubes on tallows

    Pelican cases are not waterproof by any means.  I have had some and found others and after time they all have water in them.  Great for a splash or going turtle but not for endurance.  My submerged ammo can is full of water, too.  Lasted about a year or so.  But still good as the log is a slate tablet. 
  6. GBP TEXAS - soda tubes on tallows

    The bigger factor than tree growth for me has been the way people manhandle the container (CLAPS series) -- balancing in a yak reaching, pulling, etc.   That, coupled with the UV exposure, has been far more detrimental to longevity of zip ties and containers than tree growth.  I have had a few -- on tallow trees -- where the tree simply grows over it and it is absorbed into the tree.  That works -- until it doesn't, obviously.  I know what you are talking about for the LNLs and Pelican type containers.  They are great for yakkers where something occasionally takes a dunk.  But not for long-term flood-prone areas with constant element exposure.  You'll need to come to the spring paddle event to see firsthand. 
  7. GBP TEXAS - soda tubes on tallows

    I understand you dislike of tallow trees, but given what is there, what do you suggest?  Soda tubes are fantastic to the degree that the last person actually screws the cap on tightly.  But this is true of closing any container.  I have found that they are not perfect, but better than any other container in situations where water is a factor.  Be it GBP or on a kayaking series.  Nothing works better when they are occasionally submerged.  While I appreciate the frustration of DNFs, given the D/T of the series you were on and knowing what you're getting coupled with infrequency of finds (this is normally done as a group for a variety of reasons), what do you suggest for alternatives?  If something is better out there for the CLAPS series that is cost effective, I'd definitely like to see it / hear about it before it gets redone. 
  8. 6th Annual CLAPS MoonLESS Paddle Event 12/12/15

    REDUX.  Saturday.  2/6. Event has been submitted.  
  9. Helllooooo

    Welcome!! Stay tuned for a re-do (weather previously canceled) of the CLAPS night time paddle event so you can get your kayaking on.  You can see the original data here:
  10. Denied Cache

    Guidelines say to avoid 'busy' and 'important' (my words) places like infrastructure -- bridges, highways, etc.  That said, the person denying in any state may have approved one up the next exit.  Don't expect reason to be injected into this. On my STS puzzle series near NASA, I had planned to have some of the finals along the big, wide sidewalk outside the fence along NASA Pkwy.  Lots of smaller oak trees along the way to put in a small Berty tube or matchstick, etc.  But that was "private property".   You know, fences do NOT determine property boundaries.  And there is no need for common sense. When they choose the reasons, they probably just pick the easiest one they think will make you just move it and resubmit with the new location.  And since (s)he knows your not local, permission is the easiest case in all circumstances.
  11. Angleton bans PED's while driing

    This is unconstitutional.  Dag Nabbit.
  12. How to add a picture to a email

    I love the message center.  I get an e-mail when I get a message.  I can attach photos.  I can back and forth the person.  They don't have to give up their e-mail.  I can reply for e-mail and don't have to go onto the site now to reply.  It's pretty nice.  Before you got people who would e-mail you and forget to check the box that said "send my e-mail address with it."  Duh.  So then you'd have to go in, look them up, God forbid they put it on the page so you'd e-mail them..... it was messy. Now that you can reply to the message direct via e-mail it's nice.  And since they enabled that, I have not used the old Send an E-mail method.
  13. How to add a picture to a email

    I thought e-mail meant email you get when you get a message, and didn't even consider the old e-mail section.
  14. How to add a picture to a email

    I thought you just replied with the picture attached in the e-mail.  Send me one.  We can test it.
  15. Connecting a PC to an old TV

    I laughed so hard when I read this. Then I realized there was no emoticon.  And I just ended up questioning why I was laughing.