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  1. Awesome. Hope you brought back some good stuff!
  2. This is the one site I never want to see go. But too many people are on too many other apps, etc. so the traffic is just not the same. I don't Facebook so it's kinda this or nothing for me.
  3. Agree. Hoping for nice, cool outing that lets us know fall is actually coming. (I can dream, can't I?)
  4. CLAPS: I Need a Good Paddling! CITO Event Sunday, September 25th, 2016 Official event time 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Launching from Bay Area Park promptly at 9:00 a.m. For Paddlers and Non-Paddlers -- come CITO Link:
  5. You don't think you could say "I'm on a boat" literally anytime if you had that? Or it won't float? Someone had a 3 piece one on CLAPs at an event one time. Wasn't exactly like that, but same concept. Could insert extra pieces to make it a tandem.
  6. It was newly re-done in June of this year, so you can do it again.
  7. Kinda far from their home territory.
  8. This weekend we went out and did the Lake Woodlands kayak series. It was hot and I baked a little, but nice, calm waters the whole way. And really different than most anywhere else. Mixture of nice big office buildings and retail, wild and pretty undeveloped areas, and really nice houses. Some of us went and slayed the 5/5 dragon at the far end of the lake, too. And there are one or two land based ones you can easily get out to get. Some fish jumping. Lots of HUGE herons. Strange ducks I've only ever seen in The Woodlands that look like they came from the move Coraline. Was cool to venture up here and do these.
  9. Sounds like me and my son. Seems like a win-win.
  10. Hell to the yeah. That's awesome. On my Santa list. Doubtful, but will remain optimistic. Cheaper than the Ferrari that's been on my list forever.
  11. It's like virtual moving munzees, with real clan wars.
  12. So? Just let WS go first.
  13. Too bad you didn't host an event 30 min before gates open. Could have handed it off to another cacher in FL. Let me ask THIS question. Is the scout here or in Florida? If the scout is here and just wants it to travel, Dip it in each of the virtual caches you visit and you can upload photos of it at each location later. Then bring it back and put it in a cache here. Then it has double miles and some cool caches with pictures at Disney. And from there it will start moving. If the scout is there, consider UBER to an of-property cache. First ride is free on sigh-up usually up to $20 or $30 (google Uber sign-up codes if not a member). I'm sure you can find one of appropriate size that's been found recently before close enough.
  14. That's a great story, tuba_dude! Wish more encounters were like that. Of course it helps if there's a mega and a cache like Mingo, but even so, glad you remembered about the free premium membership, etc. BB - are you all actively trying to recruit some LEOs to the event? This is a cool reach-out opportunity.
  15. North is all done. There's a nice hot day for ya. South is coming out now but is not fully out yet. There is some vegetation on the south side, but none when we placed it -- at least at the cache sites. There are FTF opportunities on S CLAPS and some of the Horsepen Bayou caches right now.... Each cache page has link to info guide which has all the launch points, etc. (Spring Gulley, Big Island Slough, Bay Area Park, Clear Lake Park, and along Middlebrook Drive, which bisects Horsepen Bayou.