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  1. Tide Calculator for paddle caches

    I have been informed the tide calculator site I had in the CLAPS info packet was not working. So I've been looking through a bunch of sites for something good. I found this site: Lake/ You can click the button for Monthly view and then click on any day to get more detailed info on the day, change the month so you can plan ahead, etc. If you are going to a different area, you can also delete the Clear Lake off the URL and it will give you a map. Zoom in (i.e., Morgan's Point or Lynchburg Landing for Baytown) and hover over the monitoring station. A box will appear and you can see basic tide data for that day. There is also a link at the bottom of that box -- click Monthly Table from there to get to the monthly chart, etc. Hope this is helpful.
  2. project gc stats

    Or change the 2nd log to a note if you want the log data there. If you delete the log it will not affect the TB drop.
  3. project gc stats

    You've logged a cache twice -- accidentally or maybe used the app which sometimes does that for you as a free service. Sometimes three times. Someone can point out the easy way to find out which one it is (I can't remember offhand) And guess what? If it was before your 1k then it will throw off your milestone. If you use GSAK for your stats you can override it. Maybe even on now, too.
  4. My Last Cache

    Thot: Do not let one prick change your mind about geocaching - especially placing caches. You have a bunch of great caches. Just put that one aside. It's just not meant to be. And do something different and better.
  5. My Last Cache

    Don't we have one in our midst?
  6. My Last Cache

    PR is a D**k. Plain and simple.
  7. A little rain today

    I'm gonna guess most of CLAPS is under water. Took these pics while out and about today. First is Spring Gulley. Arrow points to the pipes you paddle under. I think if you hold your paddle up high you might be able to touch them, normally. Second is Big Island Slough. Pretty full. Remainder are from Bay Area Bridge. Water not as high, but that's far downstream. Water flowing fast. Park closed. Pier by boat launchis under water as I would guess is most of the back end of the park. Note the red arrow at the yellow sign that's normally a few feet from the bottom of the sign to the water. That whole island is under water.Even this far downstream the water is reallyhigh. Would be a challenge with water-to-bottom-of-bridge level to navigate under the bridge right now. The good news is a LOT of hyacinth is being swept out and will die in the salter water downstream or in the lake.
  8. Appealing a Reviewer Decision

    And don't hesitate to do it!
  9. Snake ID

    They look like broad banded water snakes to me, based upon my limited googling. Look at last 2 pics and two similar end of last full row.
  10. Snake ID

    Throw some spiders in there and you have stuff that nightmares are made of. I cannot imagine stumbling across a pile of snakes like that.
  11. Snake ID

    I'd say black ones, but not sure if we can say that now.
  12. My 1k

    I second drew8 caches, like KX mentioned. Plundering is not only very creative, butvery well thought-outwith aneat map. It takes a little while but it is alot of fun to do. Especially with a small group to help you celebrate when you finish. I will also say I'm not the last person to have donethe Necropolis of Britannia Manor III, but I felt like I was one of them. 560 favorite points and just amazing. Worth considering for a big milestone. Having just done this I so wish I had had the chance to do it long ago.
  13. My 1k

    HEB killed Special Tools.
  14. My 1k

    Soda Tube Trials #2 -  Aim For The Water
  15. Who's Prime Reviewer

    Huh. He published my last one. Maybe he just figured it out.It was a toughie.