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  1. OOut CCaching GBP TToday

    Atennisbabe and I decided to do a little GBP caching today and aimed for the FamilieRyan series off Baker Road. It had been almost a year since anyone had logged these, mostly due to the rain this past year. While I would not describe the experience as easy, it was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun. If you are interested in grabbing these now is the time to go. There was plenty of mud but not much standing water. No mossies, snakes or other wildlife to report other than a startled bunny and some birds. Be prepared for typical GBP backwood caching and plenty of barbed wire fence crossing. Very glad ATB and I agreed to a no photo rule or we would be trending on instagram by now!
  2. Texas Challenge 2014 - Private board access

    I wasn't able to make the meeting last week but Mary and I are still planning on doing the TC. How do I get the info from the meeting and what do I need to do going forward?
  3. I Have a Dream... of getting the (S) CLAPS

    So all the girls should be back in their respective homes by then and The Capt never has MLK off. If I spend the night on the boat I will be just a few miles from launch point and able to make it by 9am. The only variable in this cheery scenario is unexpected parental responsibilities which have reared their ugly heads recently. Call me a maybe (finally) but don't wait for me. I have dreamed of getting the CLAPS series more times than I can count! 
  4. 2 Kemah Events - Sat. Oct. 19th

    Noooooooooo...that is the week we move and I will be in boxes up to my eyeballs. Can't you do it...any other weekend but that one! 50 Saturdays a year I am already there
  5. I'm interested in hunting again this year. Cachin shark may turn traitor and hunt for NTX  
  6. 2013 Geocaching Block Party

    What is the date for this shindig?
  7. Monday Blues CITO at Oyster Creek Park

        Off topic briefly = on   Would love anither St. Arnold's event! As for the girl with the beautiful voice, we will need to act quickly as she is off the UNT in the fall. Maybe someplace a little less cavernous than the brewery though. She might crack the glasses when she gets to full volume!   Off topic = off
  8. Monday Blues CITO at Oyster Creek Park

    Yea! I am going to be in Dallas on a choir trip with cachin shark until late Sunday night. Now I can sleep in Monday and still get my CITO souvenir, I mean do the right thing for the environment.
  9. CLAPS: Paddle to the Picnic Event (Sat. Oct 13th.)

    Really sad to report we have to go to Dallas that weekend and will miss another paddle event. Maybe next time...again.
  10. Port Aransas - SETX site assessment trip

    That covered shelter is bigger than you imagine. It has a stage and picnic table seating for 200+, more room than under the tent at Ray Roberts, and it has a concrete floor so no mud like there was last year. As for parking, if you look SW towards the boat ramp, there is both paved and field lots to hold 100+ cars, etc. Thing to remember is Roberts Park hosts the Harvest Moon Regatta every year. 200+ boats, 800+ people, sail from Galveston to PA. They tie the boats up together around the marina and most stay on board, use the facilities available, etc. There are BBQ dinners, bands, what have you. Even if the event goes MEGA again, the park can handle it. As for caching, they can use the beach, town, salt flats and ICW area to spread everybody out, like they did in the different parks at Ray Roberts. Should be great fun!
  11. CLAPS: Paddle to the Picnic Event (Sat. Oct 13th.)

    I might finally make a paddle event and a picnic too!!!
  12. Will Cache for Food #21

    We would love to come, but it is my very LAST parent night at school. I have senioritis already!!!
  13. Welcome to the Westside

    Atennisbabe and I will be there!
  14. Geocaching Block Party and APE Event

    Generally your doctor is the first one you see/bond with, so if you were to watch as a young child and not enjoy the doctor but watch again a bit older and like that doctor, then the second one would be it. For you it would be David Tennent as you are already partial to him. In Dallas the local programing director for PBS (Owen and Luke Wilson's father) was a anglophile who started showing British shows as soon as they became available. So I was early on Monty Python, Good Neighbors, and Doctor Who, etc. That is when Tom Baker became my doctor. Some say it may be why I married a Brit, lol.
  15. Geocaching Block Party and APE Event

    Thanks TheNorman! Cachin shark and I are big Doctor Who fans so we needed to put this one on the list. Who's you Doctor? Mine is the 4th - Tom Baker cs's is the 10th - David Tennent