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  1. OOut CCaching GBP TToday

    Atennisbabe and I decided to do a little GBP caching today and aimed for the FamilieRyan series off Baker Road. It had been almost a year since anyone had logged these, mostly due to the rain this past year. While I would not describe the experience as easy, it was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun. If you are interested in grabbing these now is the time to go. There was plenty of mud but not much standing water. No mossies, snakes or other wildlife to report other than a startled bunny and some birds. Be prepared for typical GBP backwood caching and plenty of barbed wire fence crossing. Very glad ATB and I agreed to a no photo rule or we would be trending on instagram by now!
  2. Texas Challenge 2014 - Private board access

    I wasn't able to make the meeting last week but Mary and I are still planning on doing the TC. How do I get the info from the meeting and what do I need to do going forward?
  3. I Have a Dream... of getting the (S) CLAPS

    So all the girls should be back in their respective homes by then and The Capt never has MLK off. If I spend the night on the boat I will be just a few miles from launch point and able to make it by 9am. The only variable in this cheery scenario is unexpected parental responsibilities which have reared their ugly heads recently. Call me a maybe (finally) but don't wait for me. I have dreamed of getting the CLAPS series more times than I can count!
  4. New Years Resolutions Caching Style

    Looks like I'm gonna have to start caching again! My goal for the year was to finish my 366 day matrix, which I did on Dec. 26th! Goals for 2014 - 5000 finds, hide some around Spring, attend the TC again this year, work on D/T matrix.- not very ambitious, but I am a bit of a slacker...
  5. End of year milestone push

    Finally finished my 366 day matrix after 3 years effort!!!
  6. The Baytown Curmudgeon

    Our first cache was in a local park and enjoyed by a few dozen cachers until a local concerned citizen worried that it might bring people to the park after hours and took it upon himself to muggle the cache twice before I archived it. He made a point to brag about what he had done to several neighbors, who mentioned it to me. Just after we placed the cache he sat in on the annual meeting and had the park hour shortened to 8am - 8pm (he was one of the only ones at the meeting). Think about that...a neighborhood park you could not visit in the summertime until it was too hot to walk and had to leave before it cooled off in the evenings, even though it was still light. One neighbor was ticketed twice (after two warnings) for walking his dogs at 8:45pm in July. The sun wasn't even down yet!!! Cooler heads have prevailed and it now has the usual dawn to dusk notice, but geeeesh, some people.
  7. 2 Kemah Events - Sat. Oct. 19th

    Noooooooooo...that is the week we move and I will be in boxes up to my eyeballs. Can't you do it...any other weekend but that one! 50 Saturdays a year I am already there
  8. A & M GEAR Geocoin

    Got mine too!
  9. Finally meeting a geocacher you really respect

    Meeting Houston Control and realizing he doesn't really look like Hank Hill (bitterly disappointed).
  10. I'm interested in hunting again this year. Cachin shark may turn traitor and hunt for NTX

    Congrats Kenny on your milestone!
  12. Dumbest Thing You've Done While Caching?

    Hey, me neither...

    Eagle - I would be happy to archive the series and let you republish using any or all the existing caches. My only desire is for the creek to remain fairly newbie friendly. Let me know what you think.

    Absolutely! I'm looking forward to clearing out a whole new part of the city and attending more events. Until then I just have to sell one house, buy another and move, no biggie...

    I'm looking for someone to adopt my Mason Creek Series. It is very newbie friendly and openly located, so is a bit of a maintenance diva. We will be relocating to Spring next month and I really don't think I will have time to manage it amid all the new caches I'll be finding, lol.