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  1. Go(ing) West Young Empress!

    I noticed that EMPRESSONE is back in town for a short time and has already picked up a FIRST TO FIND smiley.  Welcome back
  2. Three weeks from now, Friday, DAY Event

    I'm game  

    THE RANGERS ARE COMING Event now has the MAKER MADNESS status and now you will get a souvenir for attending.

    Not that I know of. 

    JUST A REMINDER about the upcoming event this Friday - THE RANGERS ARE COMING, THE RANGERS ARE COMING - GC4ZM5J at Fuddruckers on 290 at 6PM.   At least 80  (just updated to around 100 coins) travel bugs/ coinswill be in the pot for discovery or trade including 11 Jeeps that the Rangers are bringing.  Besides the Rangers, there are cachers coming from out of town and/or state.   Get your travel bugs/coins ready
  6. The ECORANGERS are coming to Houston late March to make a cache run in and around Houston and other Texas cities.  They will bring eleven Jeeps for exchange with cachers in the Houston area.   You can meet them Friday, March 28 at Fuddruckers on the NW Freeway at an Event in their honor.  Check out   GC4ZM5J  -  THE RANGERS ARE COMING, THE RANGERS ARE COMING.   Hope to see you there  
  7. Sharing of accommodations

    David Cull and I will take it.  Thanks
  8. Possible Armand Bayou Pontoon Boat Event

    I'm interested in the ride
  9. Traveling Golden Ammo Can

    You may have to reserve the room upstairs for all of the people who wish to hear the battle stories from the TEXAS CHALLENGE. I myself will try to attend.
  10. February 29 Events

    Just for your info - there were right at 100 cachers attending at least one of the Leap Year Events. Not enough for MEGA status but still a good turn out. At least two of them attended three events
  11. Club UFO Host

    Then there is FREE parking downtown. You just have to walk seven blocks to get to the Flying Saucer. It is the parking lot across Brazos Street from the City Hall. For some reason, it is free on Wednesdays only. Doesn't cost anything. There are spots for about 40 cars.
  12. a Beer event? Paying Tribute to our Patron Saints

    Greg & others, I will be attending both events. I will be able to take 3 -5 cachers in my Dodge minivan Saturdaly leaving Flying Saucer heading South on Main, then Fannin down to the Reliant Stadium catching the caches on that side. Turn around and then start catching the ones on the East side of the tracks. I will have my set of pictures. Also, we will be replacing the rolls as we go.
  13. a Beer event? Paying Tribute to our Patron Saints

    Greg, in order to save time, team up with someone and go by car, one to drive while the other look for the cache. Be sure to print out the pictures. Should take the team about an hour and half to complete.
  14. a Beer event? Paying Tribute to our Patron Saints

    The kids will love it. I don't have any suggestions for you if you do it by rail. Take THOT's suggestions on reading the "NB" & "SB" hints and maybe print out the cache page to have the photos to take with you. You can park at the Fannin-South parking log and pay three dollars. Or you can park at Sears at Wheeler and Main Street. BUT since you are parked for the FLYING SAUCER event, you can the nearest rail stop and leave you car there. The trains runs every 12 minutes on the weekends, you should be able to locate each cache. Only the DRYDEN stop may take longer then the 12 minutes. You might as well do the HISTORY AT THE BALLPARK multi. The final is located at the ball fields just West of Taylor and White Oak Drive. Just use the number "8" to complete the third stage of the puzzle. You don't have to go to the first two stages.
  15. The 2011 rendition of WINGS OVER HOUSTON  event is on board for Sunday, Oct 16, 2011.  It is located on Highway 3 across from Ellington Field, somewhat under the flight line of the different  air craft appearing that day.