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  1. bells and whistles

    If you use GenUploadStats.gsk it will take care of the uploading on the fly everytime you generate your new stats.
  2. revisiting found caches

    If there are any drugs that will enhance my geocaching performance I'd like to know about them -before- VDC passes my find count.
  3. Survivor

    I think its safe to say she's never hunted an ATMA cache, or she would know to forget about GZ and start asking herself, "where would *I* hide an immunity idol around here".
  4. Survivor

    Definition of pace aside. she got a very nice hint that was already decrypted.. 'under the lone palm tree". With a clue like that (and the camera pointing right toward said tree) who needs paces?

    Congrats to Woodpicker and Skipbo for logging find #3500 at Voodoo Chicken Soup for the Soul!
  6. Make My Point

    Did you mean Sugar Land?
  7. Want to see a cool way to display your D/T chart?

    Judging from the data presented in the original post, it looks like it uses the earliest find for any given difficulty/terrain combo.

    Congrats to Voodoo Chicken for hitting 700 this morning and 750 this afternoon! You go girl! O0
  9. East TX Hardest Puzzle

    Count me in, but I have to confess, I've looked at it a few times and have no clue where to even begin.
  10. Unsafe and dangerous cache

    My best suggestion there is to READ the page, especially any part written in bold red letters. Personally, I'd have hidden the cache in the manhole under that murky green water... but that's just me. Cachestacker is a much nicer guy.
  11. Unsafe and dangerous cache

    I think that like any sport, caching carries the risk of injury, and also like any sport there are some who will want to push it to extremes. So long as the hazards are clearly indicated on the cache page I don't have problem with that, because I am one of those people who like extremes. When I read the cache pages that HC posted (the one in the nuclear waste storage facility and the one on top of an old bridge piling) my first thought was "cool! I'd love to log those finds!" I'd love to see more such challenging caches in our area!
  12. Longest since last find

    That's a great find! There are a few other long-unfound caches in the area, but they are mostly just outside of my 50 mile radius from downtown Houston, so they don't show on my list. I think we need to get a group together to go find This Cache before it gets too warm. We can all be STF's! I'm in!
  13. Check your spelling

    :2funny: true stuff is the funniest :2funny:

    Way to go Karen and Aiden! What an awesome caching team! O0
  15. Kemah

    <playing the straight man> "Gee Rick, what's a Henway?" $5, same as downtown.