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  1. Most Awesome Caches Ever!: African Safari

    Wow, everyone, thanks! I knew that VC had posted some nice words advertising the series early on because of a log that HC left on one of my cache pages, but this is super awesome! Thanks for all of the kind words! Thanks to cachestacker for telling me how it had gotten to four pages! And certainly thanks to VC for letting me take over this area and her caches in order to put together the safari! She definitely gave me carte blanche to do whatever I wanted and that allowed me to really tie it all together.
  2. As the storm came in.

    Wow, I'd love to make it out to this one, the next time you can fit me on the boat! Awesome!
  3. Plundering the Treasure of Captain Drew

    That benchmark had not fallen into the water - it was most definitely removed. Why someone would dig it up is beyond me. :'( I had specifically built this cache around immovable objects so I wouldn't have to worry about the steps along the way, just the final. When you guys were logging that you couldn't find the benchmark, I remember thinking, come on! It's right there - how could they be missing it? So I head over to the cache site after work one day grumbling the whole way - surprise!! It was gone. I created a replacement object, but two months later the final disappeared. Argh! At that point it was time to reorganize the ending to a new location, which is how it's set up now.
  4. Plundering the Treasure of Captain Drew

    Golly! I'm glad you've all enjoyed it. It was so much fun putting it together, I didn't even realize how much fun it was going to be to watch cachers over the years as they make their way through it. That's the real fun I have with this cache.