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  1. GeoWoodstock VII

      What a trip. We just made it back home and we're already making plans for next year. My God, how about that lunch line? Met some good people and made some lasting memories...
  2. Route to GW.

    We're heading north. Spending the night in Memphis Thursday night. Taking in some BBQ and looking at Graceland from the street. (tour is like $30pp) Hitting Nashville Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday morning. Spending Sunday night in Little Rock and driving back to Houston Monday.
  3. GeoWoodstock VII

    We're going... Leaving Thursday morning at 10:31 am.(if we wait until 10:30 to take the kids out of school, they're not absent.) Driving to Memphis and staying the night. Quick sidewalk view of Graceland (tour is like 30.00 p/p), some BBQ for lunch and we're off to Nashville. Gonna stay there until Monday, when we are gonna drive back to the land of sweetness. I would like to get together with some of you guys and share a meal if we can. We've never been to this area before, so we're stoked.
  4. Safe from the City New Years Eve Campout V

      I have been looking for an agenda for the function. Is there one currently available? We have some property just a couple of miles from the park. We are going to stay the night there and hang with you guys for the event stuff. I have all the wood that anyone could possibly need, (thanks Ike) I would also like to see a "needs" list that we all could sign up for. eric
  5. Intro to Geocaching, Part 2

    We're excited about this event. I have wanted to tag along with you guys for awhile now. It looks like it may be our chance. We will be glad to absorb some of the cost for breakfast or bring something, either way. Eric
  6. GeoWoodstock VII

    Audrey thinks the kids will still be in school. If not, this would be a perfect vacation for us.
  7. This is an old thread and I'm sorry for the bump, but have you all come up with anything on this "training" yet? I am so lost with all the GSAK stuff I'm ready to get rid of it all together. I need some help!!!