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  1. cocaine. That's the honest answer.
  2. Numbers run ?

    Topwater Grill is the spot to eat down there. I've been going for years and was sickened when Ike tore it a new one. They only opened up a couple of weeks ago. Gillhooley's is a quirky place that I've learned to love. The smoke is bad at times and I had a knock down drag out there one night, but it is worth it for the oysters.
  3. Numbers run ?

    I had no idea there is a cache at Gilhooley's. We love the shrimphooleys as well. Made a trip over last week to try the new Topwater grill.
  4. Someone stole my Mobile Phone

    I feel ya' Tom. I've been broken in to twice in a two week period here at Stoneybrook and Westpark. The thieves are quite bold these days.
  5. Son is off to join the Navy

    A few years ago, Audrey and I were at Chicago O'Hare baggage claim. I grabbed our bags and suddenly there was screaming and yelling like nobody's business. Audrey walked around the corner to find out what or who was being assaulted and it was an entire class of Navy recruits. Those DI's were chewing those poor kids up one side and down the other. One kids was being yelled at because she was too short,one was too tall. It was scary to watch. Audrey saw one young lady crying and it took all she had not to go over and hug the girl. I still think of those boys and girls and now know that they are the men and women that allow my freedom.
  6. Pastor's Series

    We're thinking of making this a family outing tomorrow. Have any of you done the series before?
  7. Parker+ On TV

    Yep, he was on the stage with Anise Parker. Guess they have that Parker thing in common?
  8. fivesecrethunters (1964 - 2009)

    Marty and I met at the New Year's Eve camp out. We hit it off wonderfully and began a friendship that consisted of incredible stories and tales of wilder times. I do not know Texas Dream Weaver, but I know that Marty loved and truly respected him. When Marty left, I felt that we would never see him again. I can't imagine the pain and sorrow that his wife and kids felt over these past months. My prayer is that his family can now feel a sense of closure and understanding. Texas Dreamweaver, know that in the several conversations that Marty and I had, he cared about you more that you could imagine. Marty, Evil Nanites kicked ass. (but you knew that )
  9. SETX Area Cachers Stats

    One of our goals was to break the 100 mark and I believe that we will be there when the numbers are updated.
  10. Calvary Road Series

    We did not. The last group that did it had issues finding the fire tacks. Me being a greenhorn still, I didn't want to venture in there alone. (read: I'm scared of the dark.)
  11. Calvary Road Series

    The girls and I left Brad at home today and did Nov64's series. We had such a great time spending time together. The series is laid out perfectly and the caches are all excellent. We couldn't find a couple of them , but we had a blast. If you haven't gotten out there yet, I highly recommend it. Thanks, Patty.

    I found this website the other day. They offer incredible deals one at a time. Give it a look, you may catch the deal you've been looking for. eric
  13. Any must-do caches in Katy?

    The Lake of the Apostles series is really nice. There is some up and down, but nothing too major.
  14. Best GPSr for Kayaking?

    Is one of them Scott Null? No, Vincent Rinando and Robert Harvey.
  15. Best GPSr for Kayaking?

    2 friends that I fish with that are part of Team Ocean Kayak. I'll ask them for you.