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  1. Been otherwise occupied the last couple of months so have missed all the new milestones. Congratulations to all!
  2. Agreed. When I first saw that challenge, I knew it was going to be quite a task. Congratulations, Donna!
  3. Headquarters has moved twice since I was there in May 2009.
  4. I wouldn't mind teaming up to do the ET. I have a caching buddy who would probably want to come along as well. Been wanting to get back out there to do the new ET and finish the Route 66 series in California.
  5. Some awesome milestones. Congratulations!
  6. Oh, and what happened to that owner maintenance update about those coords being dead on....followed closely by a coordinates update of 20 feet? 20 feet is still within generally acceptable GZ though.
  7. Way to go!
  8. Yeah. Again! What they said. And follow the doctor's orders.
  9. Hope you are soon back home.
  10. Woo hoo on all the new milestones! Congratulations everyone!
  11. They grow on the Berty tube tree.
  12. Well, I certainly hope there is not any "nekkid" conversation going on here. Naked is enough. (And there IS a difference between nekkid and naked. )
  13. Got mine today. Nice.
  14. In 2005, I had never heard of geocaching though I had my Garmin GPS 12 Map since September 2000.
  15. Hope your Mom will be okay.