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  1. Lone Star Round Up September 14-15

    Hope your Mom will be okay.
  2. I will put it on my calendar.  Right now, I can't think of anything preventing my coming out again.  Had a good time last year and got a feel of what goes on.  Will help out if I can.  (Plus I can get some more counties.    )
  3. 2013 Geocaching Block Party

    At Original Stash Plaque. Triad complete.
  4. 2013 Geocaching Block Party

    Which event?  Would like to be there if we can.
  5. Geo Woodstock XI 2013 Roll Call

    The Texas and Houston Geocaching ones turned out nicely too.
  6. Geo Woodstock XI 2013 Roll Call

    Thanks.    Edit to add: Check out the 5 of diamonds.  Would be nice to see a bunch of Texans at the Second Annual GeoFest in the Parks event at Chewacla State Park in Auburn, Alabama in March 2014.  Will have a GC number in September.  Would not be surprised if it goes mega soon.  We had almost 200 people for the first one this year.  Beautiful park plus quite creative and fun caches by one of Alabama's favorite cache placers, Woodnutt.
  7. Geo Woodstock XI 2013 Roll Call

    I signed some logs right after Team Troglodyte in some outlying areas.
  8. The same size they are everywhere else. 
  9. GeoWoodstock XI

    The web site is now open for registration at www.geowoodstock.com.
  10. San Antonio and Maze

    Well dadgum. I guess this means I can quit planning my trip to San Antonio for the maze. And I was looking forward to visiting Mi Tierra's while there.
  11. WE WON!

    Yea!! WTG y'all!!
  12. Where are you staying for GeoWoodstock X?

    Me, too.
  13. So sorry to hear of your loss. 
  14. Red River BBQ event and Birthday Party

    Happy birthday!
  15. I'm back from GW VIII

    I won't get home until Monday.  Should have a few pictures to share after I recuperate.