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  1. Stopping points

    Hey there. It has been a long, long time.... My daughter is doing a project involving historical markers. I found a website called stopping points. I am wondering if anyone has (or knows where to get) a "dump file" for historical markers like those in and around the Harris County area that I can put into a GPS. Thanks in advance for any help. Jarrod
  2. GPS Cameras

    I just read another post on the internet saying "there are a lot of free software programs that allow you to do the samething using a regular GPS" Can anyone tell me what program might do this? I have Garmin 60cx. I am trying to "sync" the pictures based upon the camera time to the "bread crumb trail data" stored in the GPS. Thanks.
  3. GPS Cameras

    This is very interesting technology. I found this video. It is a bit long, but describes the product well and shows how it works. The best part is that it will work with any digital camera that you already own. The problem will be locating a store in Houston that has it. All the big box stores don't seem to carry it.
  4. GPS Cameras

    Hey HC, long time no talk. The unit you provided on the link will work. What I am looking for is a cheaper version that is really a camera with GPS built in. I go out on inspections in a 100 square mile area and I am trying to bring all of my digital photos into google earth. The result would be an aerial photo littered with little clickable icons that would produce the photo when clicked. In addition to finding the right hardware, I am looking for any software which would be needed to as effortlessly as possible go from stored photos to completed map.
  5. GPS Cameras

    Does anyone have any first hand experience with these? I go on inspections in the field and would like to have a location tied to the images that I capture. Any feedback would be appreciated. I need something fairly economical. Thanks!
  6. THE BUG is back. Thank you Hardings for putting me back in play. Gabby Tabby - The search is on!
  7. New game for Houston cachers - "TBA" is "it"

    I see OSC put it in the park n gab but I haven't received an email about who is "it" next.
  8. Pathtags and Airport security

    When I travel I always challenge myself to get through security on the first try. I am seemingly unable to do it on most occassions..... I have inadvertantly walked into security with far worse than a pathtag or two I am afraid...... Nailclippers! Lock and load boys!!!
  9. I can't help but enjoy the fact that a cacher with 18 finds beat out a few FTF hounds who stood in the rain looking with no sucess. Way to go jtstoney!!
  10. Need help with a shared map project

    You were all very helpful. Mr. Kand had the perfect solution. Thank you!! O0
  11. Need help with a shared map project

    If I am reading it correctly (and I might not be), that save place as is for a single point. I want one file with multiple points.
  12. Need help with a shared map project

    Criffree - Forgive me, but I am only moderately good with computers. How would I create the KML file? I don't see a place to do that in Google Earth. The KML looks something like programming language eg html which I am not very good with. Any help you can provide to point me in the right location would be great. Thanks.
  13. I am looking for a way to have a shared map in my office showing various construction sites. The file would be on the server and anyone in my office would be able to access it. I would like to use something similar to Google Earth which allows you to put push pin markers on the map with a description. I also need the background aerial with street names for the project to work. Can anyone suggest a freeware that will allow me to do this and give me some general instructions on how to set up the shared file? Thanks.
  14. While at this cache, I found a belt clip. I thought at first is was for a cell phone but it seems to big. Might be for a GPS or radio? I think it has the Motorolla logo on it. Trying to attach a photo, but the format of this forum has changed since I last tried that and I am a computer nit-wit. If it is yours, contact me. I will notify you before attaching a TB tag to it so that you will be able to track it down. LOL.
  15. Nuvi Questions

    The only way I've found is to delete them one at a time which is a pain! I have a 200 series and I select the cache then press edit, delete. I tried something different. I passed the gps to the kids in the back seat and asked them to delete the points. They don't usually get to play with it so it was fun for a few minutes.... Then they realized it wasn't so much fun.