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  1. Voodoo_Chicken

    Hi Thot, It is true I do not cache as much as I used to. I still cache but I do not log them. I mostly just enjoy exploring. I am currently homeschooling my son and he loves caching, camping, birding, and foraging. We spend a lot of time out-of-doors and caching is some of that, but we want to be in the woods exploring wildlife and nature. The 'husband' you are thinking of is now an ex-husband. I met my best friend/lover/partner through caching and this is who Bert is speaking of. He is Geohiker/Mike Terry . We did a lot of bonding over some of your puzzles. Anyway it is nice to hear that you were thinking of me, and I think Key Results is giving me way to much credit. love, Karen (Voodoo Chicken)
  2. TXGA Board is looking to fill Two Appointed Board Positions

    Yeah! What kind of accounting software do you use, because I am an accounting God! Plus, I have extensive experience working for a non-profit! And, I have never been audited or went to jail for embezzlement for that matter!
  3. Wildflowers.

    Did I miss something?
  4. Wildflowers.

    Thank you.
  5. LSHT here we come

    It is a great cache. This reminds me that I need to get back out there and do the 4 cache loop and OCL again.
  6. Brute Force

    99 problems
  7. Brute Force

    This whole thread has just gotten way too weird.
  8. WE WON!

    I would happy to compile them for you. I would really like to see a compiled list of scores. Even if we don't make it public we can use it for planning purposes.
  9. ABC: Old World Italian

  10. Brute Force

    She is actually correct. Spring is the catfish mating season. The catfish do their best mating in warm water. Eggs hatch in about a week. An eight pound female has the capacity to lay thousands of eggs. Generally, water temperature and the age of the female fish are the primary determinants for mating successfully. The type of insemination that is most common tends to be internal. However, the male catfish may place his sperm in the oral cavity of the female catfish, and she may also allow the sperm to pass into her digestive system.
  11. WE WON!

    Total finds: 35 Avg Difficulty = 2.77 Avg Terrain = 3.17 Distance: 5.7 miles Total Individual Score: 2080 + 7 FTF Tokens x7 team contribution 14560 + FTF points Adventure777 x2, Betty Draper, Sky Rookie, thacatfish, geohiker, Manofsteel73 His numbers don't add up correctly. If you take his averages and multiply them back out by 23 and then by 10 they should have had around 1800 points each. Looking at the video they stopped at 25 or 26 caches so they had a few DNFs.
  12. Anyone have a meeting with projection I can use?

    Hell yeah! A pub venue suits me! I can come and heckler --- I mean help.
  13. Brute Force

    I know. I thought it was pretty funny myself.
  14. Brute Force

    I meant to say you are dumb. :-)
  15. Brute Force

    Kevin your dumb