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  1. I just checked and I didn't get it either and I got the same message after I submitted and "Attended" log!
  2. I've been to 3 different stores the Sawyer website said carried it and haven't found it yet. Where did you find it?
  3. WOW! The possibilities are mind boggling!!
  4. That's awesome!
  5. Welcome! If you like to hike be sure to check out the Meetup group Houston Area Trails (H.A.T.S.). They do a lot of great hikes all over the area, the state and the nation.
  6. 5-ish, but my son gave me a gift certificate for Ifly for my birthday yesterday. So, if I come it would likely just be for the event and to say "Hi!" to everyone. BTW, you should have done one of the races at the Brazos Bend 100. It was awesome!
  7. I'm interested but could only make it al lunch or after work if it's at the I-10 location.
  8. I saw this guy right after I left Kenedy County - GC26PYP.
  9. Will I see you at the Brazos Bend 100 next weekend?
  10. Carpooling is a good idea! I'm on the other side of the world, too. Unfortunately, we're also on the other side of the world from each other! LOL!
  11. Probably the best thing to do is "View the Geocaching Map" under Play on There are several good series in your area and LOTS of caches in general. You should easily be able to get 20+ in a day without ever traveling very far from home.
  12. That's a cool log! I'm sure you'd like to know how it ended up in the tracks!
  13. Thanks, guys! I dont' think that will be a problem, Bubberdad. As I understand it, we just need a couple of people to man each activity cache to manage the activity and (hopefully) prevent cheating. My thought is to have "Minute-to-Win-It" type games that has to be completed to claim the "find". Some I have in mind are bouncing X number of ping pong balls into a small box X feet away. Another is to move X number of ping pong balls from one bowl to another using only a plastic spoon in your mouth. At this point I am unsure exactly where these will be set up. Gary had mention the first aid stations, which I think is a good idea. At any rate, since you guys were the first ones to respond, you can pick your spot and your activity. :-)
  14. Google Maps already has it labeled as Darren Goforth Park!
  15. I'm looking for volunteers to help develop and man the Activity Caches we will have along the race course during the Challenge. The activities be a great deal of fun for everyone involved and a good chance to meet cachers from all over. BTW, there will be a celebratory event for the team a couple of weeks after the Challenge! Let me know if you're interested.