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  1. How Special Are Your Tools?

    Excellent time had by all. Thanks Cachestacker for the great cache and PL for creating the event.
  2. Everything else seems to be functioning but none of the logs are being displayed. I think I saw where things were going down later tonight for maintenance so maybe this is the first step.
  3. How Good Does a Smart Phone Do?

    I like the combo of all three. I use c:geo on an android and it will get you fairly close. But drains the phone battery pretty quickly so still use garmin handheld to do the bulk of the detailed search. I use the Nuvi to drive to the wrong side of the fence/ditch or other obstacle,,get out of the car and use the phone to look at recent logs and or clues to eliminate the need for paper work. However in some not so remote places the phone would not have reception or very slow internet so had to depend purely on the handheld. So I have ended up passing on some that were probably there because I didn't have enough info / patience for the find.
  4. Who is your Geocaching Parent

    The old pastor of our church took the group out geocaching when doing camping but would probably have to say the ATMA has been my mentor . Met him at the first event I went to over by JSC. Got my first GPSr as an award from work which was a gecko. Did about 300 on that one before upgrading to units that allow downloading.
  5. Been somewhat near the area in Santa Claus Land. Don't think I will go out of the way to pick this one up!
  6. Souvenirs

    I also received Texas recently. Looks like I have one for each of the states I have cached in including most recent two of north carolina and virginia. Kind of odd they would show up sooner than texas which is of course the home base.
  7. Did some camping and a little caching until I got stumped, hungry and tired. It was a very nice park and hope to get back there sometime to do a few more. Was surprised to see some Houston area cache owners names.
  8. x to make your mark...

    I think I saw where he logged a cache that way too. I think it was one of the ones I did over the weekend
  9. iPhone vs. Droid(s)

    So I used my new droid phone for some caching today. C:geo seems to crash quite often on my phone but seemed to pop right back up. It has some capability now to store caches I guess to use when you are off line. I stored some just to see what happened. I attempted to use the compass mode to find caches but it seemed a bit farther off than my garmin with either compass or GPS. GPS didnt seem to lock on in the car. So the phone came along to read logs and write some logs. I had all the ones I did today alreadly loaded up in both nuvi and handheld but didn't have to print out papers. Also got the latest logs on line. Phone is hard to see in the sun and had to turn off the screen saver since the page kept on disappearing. I think I prefer waiting to get home to write logs because it cut down on my looking time. So that is my 2 cents for today.
  10. New Caches in Jack Brooks Park

    Benttandem found some glasses today. I don't know if it was yours or not. See their post in off topic. Not mine so keep an eye out. I suspect that no sane person would take the route where I think I lost them. New specs work better.
  11. Droid and GeoBeagle help please

    I used my Samsung moment and C:geo to look at caches and log while at Waco this weekend. Still used garmin to search. But it was cool to just be able to turn on the phone and see what was in the area. Used it to weed out a couple that I didn't want go after. Haven't tried geobeagle.
  12. New Caches in Jack Brooks Park

    Not sure where to find the off topic post but sent them email. Hope they found them.
  13. New Caches in Jack Brooks Park

    And if you happen to see my glasses out there lost in the woods let me know. Do agree that this was a high quality series.
  14. 10 Years! Baytown, TX

    Cool event and only had one snake encounter which was in the porta potty. Glad I had already gone or might have wet my pants! You can see my log for the event.
  15. What Is This Thing?

    That or very large pencils with erasers.