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  1. Hey all,   It looks like I will be able to attend this year! Can I share some dirt or floor space in a room for the weekend?   Please let me know.   John
  2. Hey all, I was planning on doing the 100+ series just south of Dallas on the way up to the Challenge with another cacher. She had to back out, so I'm now looking for a buddy to complete the 100 cache series on the way up to the Challenge. I still plan to be at the park by Friday evening and enjoying the festivities. Please let me know if you're interested in meeting at one end of the series pretty early and doing the series.
  3. Texas Challenge 2012

    Confirmed I have the Friday off before the challenge weekend, so I will be driving up in the morning of Friday. Is anyone willing to share some dirt in the camp ground? I just registered on both websites for the challnege, so I'm ready to go. The week after is my spring break, if anyone wants to stick around Big D and cache and be tourist let me know.
  4. Texas Challenge 2012

    Is anyone planning on driving up on Friday morning? I'm thinking of taking that Friday off, and driving up there and stopping for caches along the way and having time to setup a tent in the day light...grabbing caches in the park..and the like. There is also a short series of caches not to far from the park that I'd like to grab. Please PM if interested in joining me. Also would love to share dirt with anyone else camping in the park. Which areas of the park are best to camp?
  5. I plan to be there to hunt. Thanks Elisa!
  6. Geocaching Aventure At Jesse Jones Park

    Yes, we are hiding 45ish temporary caches. The goal is introduce muggles to geocaching in the park. I asked last night, and we are going to encourage finding "official" caches while out hunting the temporary caches. Not sure about PR, it's really an education event more than anything.
  7. GC2FDX2 - Texas Challenge 2011

    I scored that card. I scored it best I could read it, I actually gave benefit of the doubt on each punch. A lot of them were torn holes, I tried to match the tear shape to score it. It was scored on each page, the score should be correct. Of course the 5/5 was thrown out due to the punch being lost.
  8. Haven't watch this site in a while, haven't really cached in a while either. Does anyone have dirt available for the challenge? I have a friend in northern Conroe, but I'd rather stay at HSP if possible. I have a small tent. Thanks!
  9. 10-10-10 Flash Mob Event

    Change the time of the event to 10:10:10 am. 
  10. My latest memory of HSP is the alligator. I we should include one in the design, they are everywhere up there. Maybe should include that in the registration too. 
  11. Texas Challenge 2011 Event - Kick-off Meeting - August 8th

    Gil, Her and I did non-geocaching event in downtown Houston with the same idea. They had at least 70 teams, and about 3 people checking pictures. The line was never really more than two people. People checked in when they were done, not everyone checked in at the same time. I don't think that will be too much of problem. However, the team thing may be an issue. You'd almost have to have much smaller teams and make this a separate event.
  12. Checking out Huntsville State Park

  13. Saturday would be much better, but I know there more people around Moody Gardens then too.
  14. I'd love to help but that's too early in the day. I have work and get off around 3pm and that's a two hour drive.
  15. GeoWoodstock VIII

    I'm nearby... in Portland for the next few days before I drive up to Seattle. Are we all still meeting for a group picture and whatever else?