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  1. Bird's Eye from Garmin

    For what it's worth... the last email from Garmin asked me to use a smaller data card in my GPS. That worked, I think. I also loaded the card via my laptop using the sdcard reader, not only was it faster it may have prevented any corruption in the file transfer. Either way it works now... only issue is that GPS boot time is a lot longer now. So after all this I may still just load the imagery of the area I'm going caching in.
  2. Bird's Eye from Garmin

    It's not perfect, but it works for now. Garmin responded to my request and stated the files are corrupt, which is impossible since I know they work one at a time. They claim I can load up to 256 image files! I'll continue to go back and fourth with them.
  3. Bird's Eye from Garmin

    I tried a lot of things and finally discovered that there is some limit to the amount we can load. I deleted all the image data and added one at a time and it works. Then I tried doing a small area (4 image files) and it worked. Apparently the pictures are called "tiles", and there is a limit to those. So my last caching trip I loaded my PQ in BaseCamp, centered it and zoomed to a level that caches filled the screen. Then I used the same screen size to see what image files I needed to cover the same area and loaded only those image files. After that it worked great. I had the ground imagery only for the area where I was caching, which was fine with me. This is all on top of the routeable map data I already had loaded for the whole US. If anyone has any other better ideas please share.
  4. Bird's Eye from Garmin

    Anyone else use the Bird's Eye imagery from Garmin? I subscribed to try it out... it works in small doses, but when I spent the time and downloaded most of metro GPS doesn't seem to want all that data loaded at once. I get an "invalid JNX file" error. I know the files are fine because when I load one at a time it works fine. Is there some unpublished limit? I tried Googling an answer and can't find anything.
  5. 52 Week Event Challenge

    The cache page says "straight" but then says past events count. Do I basically need one per calendar week, but the year doesn't matter? Not sure when I'll be back in Texas, but we have events here in Chicago all the time. Some times more than one on the same day. This cache would be a great reason to hold more events.
  6. More Free Geocoins

    I just requested one as well. The message said wait for it to come in the mail, so hopefully I'll have one soon!
  7. Hey all, It looks like I will be able to attend this year! Can I share some dirt or floor space in a room for the weekend? Please let me know. John
  8. Adios Texas!

    Well.... I'm back in the US! I'm at my mom's house in Chicago right now. I'm not sure where I'm working next...I have an offer for a job in Kuwait... I also have an interview chance in Cy-Fair...and I also see Katy ISD is opening a new high school. Any thoughts on working with Katy ISD? Everything looks rosy as for performance, but unable to find anything about teachers..and their experience.
  9. Adios Texas!

    He already hit me up.
  10. Adios Texas!

    Hey all, I've been pretty dormant lately... back in February I found out that my contract wasn't being renewed for this up coming school year. So after some thought I explored what a colleague mentioned, and found a job in Dubai! So this Sunday night I will fly out to Dubai and begin a new chapter in life in the Arabian Desert. In the time in between the end of school and through the end of July I did a lot of thinking and sitting at home, very little caching. Now that I'm back in Chicago with my family I've picked up caching again and have made several finds here. I've already checked out the caching scene in the Middle East and it's emerging. I will help it along for sure. :-) My caches are up for adoption... also on the LPCs, if it's missing please replace it or add paper if you have it with you. Or post in the log and maybe the next cacher can help out. If neither, I can just archive it. Thanks for all the good times!!! I hope SETX takes the title again next year at the TC! Sky Rookie (John)
  11. Hey all, I was planning on doing the 100+ series just south of Dallas on the way up to the Challenge with another cacher. She had to back out, so I'm now looking for a buddy to complete the 100 cache series on the way up to the Challenge. I still plan to be at the park by Friday evening and enjoying the festivities. Please let me know if you're interested in meeting at one end of the series pretty early and doing the series.
  12. Great Urban Race

    I've done City Search Houston before, and it was a great time. Sounds like the same sort of thing.
  13. Any Chicago Must-Dos?

    I agree! The cache owner is a good friend, he's the first guy I cached with up there. I grew up in the Chicago area. There are also a lot of cool caches along the lakefront, in the area were Meigs Field used to be. I agree there are also a lot good vituals downtown. Most of my experience up there is around mom's house which is out in the suburbs. If you need any other guidance around the city or the area, just send me a PM.
  14. Seriously, how do...

    Thanks. This is now on my radar. :-) This will have to be a Spring break trip or maybe even a Christmas trip in the future. I'm not walking that far in the desert in the summer. :-) Oh, and to answer your question I did most of the The "Ghosts" of Arizona A to Z series on the other size of the Phoneix metroplex. The trail continues past the end of that series too. I did it in 115 degree heat two years ago, I do not recommend that! Felt like a hot hair dryer blowing on me entire time, even getting in and out of the car on each cache with the AC on high I still became dehdrated very quickly. There are a ton of caches in that area, should be plentty for you to choose from.
  15. What's your Best no power trail day

    I remember that. That was a great day for no series run!