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  1. Truth in logging finds

    it was there when you DNF'd it the first time... but it does have a tendency to be shifted in funny places by people. Yes, I knew it had to be there. It was so frustrating for me because sometimes I can be such a noob!! My point was that no matter how many caches I've found, I will always have one confound me and I will still post a DNF even if it's embarrassing. It's always funny though when eventually find it to wonder how I missed it! Great cache!!
  2. Truth in logging finds

    I post every DNF, even when everyone else and their dog seems to be able to find it. Space Oddities comes to mind!! As for puzzle caches....I have never asked anyone for the coords to a solved puzzle. I have logged puzzle cache finds if I haven't solved it only if I'm caching with someone else and they want to go after it and they have solved the puzzle. I have also asked for hints to puzzles. I have also teamed up with someone else on line to solve a puzzle together. I don't mind a LPC if it brings me to an interesting place or if it is at the final coords of a good puzzle. I do give credit in the log to people that have given me hints - either to solve the puzzle or where to look (in the middle of the bushes, not on the ground!), but only after I've tried myself first and by "tried", I mean after 40 sweaty, bloody minutes of investigating every twig in a 25' radius. However, I usually do not name the person that gave me the assistance.
  3. Lab caches Texas

    I've had some German cachers discover coins that I've never released. I just deleted their discoveries. I guess they are typing in various combinations of letters and numbers until they find something.
  4. Texas Writer's FTF Comma Club Countdown begins

    That's amazing!!! BTW - I think your tagline of "Why am I all sweatty and late? Umm.." is freaking funny! Good luck on your 1000 quest.
  5. Got a new souvenir

    Bularia showed up!
  6. Toilet Seat Museum

    Sept 2008 - Barney with the kids and my parents - who thought I was crazy for taking them to a toilet seat museum but were so happy I brought them.
  7. SAM MORROW (USMORROWS) in the Hospital

    Is there an update on his health? They are the nicest people. I hope he is doing better.

    WOW! I love it. I do need to find a cache in Idaho....
  9. Geico Trackable TB announced

    I dropped mine in a cache called Pole Vault in the Katy area. I would give a link, but geocaching seems to be down right now.
  10. All those dead animals would CREEP me out!! What the heck is going on in Indiana? I probably couldn't get away fast enough. I'm guessing the cache came before the carnage. It reminds me of that movie Pet Sematary.
  11. GPS Adventures Arkansas - Discovery Place

    I know I'm sick when I find myself actually considering a road trip to see this thing.
  12. Quality Rating System

    I just noticed that if I am looking at a list of caches - like when I've searched for nearest caches from home - I can click on the blue ribbon at the top of the column and it will sort the caches in the list using the number of favorites. So I can see which caches have the top ratings in the area. Heads of State has the most in my list with 23 votes and Bubbles the Bayou Monster has 21. If I had Snagit on my home computer, I would paste it in here. Anyway, this will be useful when I am in an area I've never cached before and I want to hit some of the best caches.
  13. FTFC Series

    I think the FTF Caches should be open to everyone for at least a week or two. Everyone should be able to be able to find the trophy - or find the cache once they've taken the trouble to solve the puzzle to try to be FTF. Then, once everyone gets a chance, the cache owner can make it available to premium members. Not all serious cachers are premium members. I haven't found that trophy in a LONG time!! I need to put my game face on.
  14. Most Awesome Caches Ever!: African Safari

    OHL Hockey Guy had to pull drew8's Jeep out of the mud yesterday. zzzwoot, drew8, and I got stuck! We still had loads of fun! See link for photos.
  15. Earthcache Classifications

    Did I miss something? I went to and tried to do an advanced search in a state and using "classifications." The classification section was blank. I looked all over the earthcache site to see if they are doing away with classifications. I'm trying to find an earthcache for every classification so that I can do drew8's cache: Earthcache Challenge Help!