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  1. Club UFO#4

    I had a Ven-Duh call just now and ask if he could take me to lunch. I checked my GEO-UFO schedule and had to tell him No Way! Don't forget today's lunch event at the Flying saucer! JimC
  2. Club UFO : ljtxhiker

    OK... This is becoming a regular event. No big deal for those of us who work down town, but for those who have to drive in on their lunch hour.....? We ought to consider making this a monthly recurring event.....
  3. Club UFO

    I'll add it to my calendar.

    Sounds like I need to make a trip to Alvin.... Maybe I can make 100 Acre Woods my 200th cache.
  5. FTF Trophy

    Hmmm..... I could duct tape a 50 cal ammo can 20 feet up the light pole, forcing y'all to shimmy up the pole. I believe that would qualify as difficulty 5.
  6. FTF Trophy

    OK... so send me your schedule and home address and I will see if I can accommodate you... or not.
  7. FTF Trophy

    Bump...... Let's get this thread going again. The Trophy has been found and hidden and found again since the last post.... I'm thinking I want to go for something really difficult to solve and retrieve. So, how about a 4/4 or a 5/5? What constitutes a 4 or a 5? How do you find Terrain that rates above a 3in Houston without resorting to deep sea diving? I imagine anything requiring swimming or water craft would at least be a 4? What about a 1 mile hike through thick forest? 4 maybe? I suppose anything that requires climbing equipment would be a 4 or 5.....? Hmmmm..... I need to find a cliff in the middle of a shark infested lake near my house where I can hide the FTF Trophy. Muh ha ha ha hah........
  8. New game for Houston cachers - "TBA" is "it"

    SunshineCash and I raced out to grab Frosty, but Man of Steel beat us to it.... again. Someone needs to clip his cape! OK MoS, drop the bug! Place your hands in the air and tell us where it is so we can keep it away from the Popeteers.....
  9. New game for Houston cachers - "TBA" is "it"

    Go Voodoo Chicken! You're it! Now, if only we can keep it away from you....
  10. New game for Houston cachers - "TBA" is "it"

    After an exciting day of power outages, going to church, and visting the Highway249 Gym (TWICE!), the TB is still safe from MTCachers.... At least for tonight. Heh heh.... The hunt continues.
  11. New game for Houston cachers - "TBA" is "it"

    Tibis1 and I will keep MTCachers busy while y'all move the TB around.... Maybe we'll crash one of his servers or something... That will keep him busy.
  12. FTF Trophy

    Good point about an external link. Check out the cache series called "SA FTFC". This is a similar type of series that includes a link to the San Antonio GeoCaching Society. I'm pretty sure that with this bunch of over achiever FTFers, we won't have to worry about a "Non-Player" finding the Trophy before one of us.
  13. FTF Trophy

    Hmmm.... I'm surprised they flagged the cache because of the trophy "requirements" since the Trophy is a TB and has it's own independent set of requested procedures... i.e. Move it to the next FTFC cache. The FTF Trophy TB currently has 36 users "watching" it and I would be willing to bet that we could easily double that by asking people we know to put a watch listing on it. I wonder if any other TB has this many people watching it..... Bottom line, I think an appeal in the "Geocaching Topics" Forum at Groundspeak would probably get overwhelming support & approval. I hope it doesn't come to that.