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  1. SETX Octoberfest 2009

    For the impatient, HERE'S the link...
  2. Park & Gab: Ninth Edition 1-26-09

    You can use Google calendar to e-mail you and/or create an alert "pop-up" box at any time you set before an appointment...
  3. Olympics 2008

    "human-caine" that the PC replacement for hurricane, or "her-acaine"?
  4. CITO Event at Baytown Nature Center

    For those of you heading to Baytown for the CITO event that may not have gotten notification (and/or have already downloaded caches), CHASING PARKERPLUS #3.1, (replacing the disabled/now archived #3) is available for FTF! See you all later...
  5. CITO Event at Baytown Nature Center

    I've got all the caches except your latest, but you can count on me!