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  1. Civics/History Quiz

    You answered 32 out of 33 correctly — 96.97 %
  2. My buddy just bailed... PM me if you're interested. Gary
  3. News IQ

    12, but a couple were educated guesses...
  4. Caches By Owner

    Here are the 27 I have for you: I see for the later list that you have 29 for me. The two that are missing from the earlier list (for some reason) are: GCWDW6 Hotel on Park Place (archived 9/14/2006) GCY43J Beat the Heat SB#03 - R U Handy (archived 10/22/2006) Not sure why they didn't show. Thanks for all the work on the list, I like it!
  5. What the hey, count me in as the fourth.
  6. Caches By Owner

    I have had 29 (not 27) caches, 11 archived. As of today, 18 active, no disabled (but "a few weeks ago" I would have had 17 active, 1 disabled). So the list seems a little off for me.
  7. SETX Octoberfest 2009

    For the impatient, HERE'S the link...
  8. question about needs maintenance

    That's my personal preference Mine too.
  9. Another use for EZ Tags.

    A few years ago I bought a couple packs of disposable baby wipes for a primitive camping trip at Krogers with the card. I got "new mother" junk mail for two years.
  10. Aerial Spray Operation Scheduled to Combat West Nile Virus Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services (HCPHES) Mosquito Control Division has scheduled an aerial spray operation for portions of northwest Harris County to combat mosquito borne disease. The aerial application will begin Wednesday evening, July 15th after dusk and continue until approximately 4:00am. It is anticipated that the aerial operation will take only one night to complete. The plan for the proposed aerial operation is to spray approximately 100,000 acres by air, weather permitting.. The insecticide, Dibrom (EPA-approved), is routinely used for aerial operations to combat mosquito borne disease and will be used during the spray operation in Harris County. While Dibrom is considered to be safe for the environment, some people may be sensitive to direct contact with the chemical. HCPHES asks that individuals go indoors while the aerial treatment is being conducted in your area. Map of the proposed spray area The aerial spray operation is being conducted in response to recent surveillance findings indicating that West Nile Virus (WNV) activity has increased, especially in the northwest areas of Harris County. "This year's mosquito season is unlike last year. Harris County is experiencing a very hot and dry year. This type of weather is conducive for increasing the risk for transmission of mosquito borne diseases such as West Nile Virus. As a result, there have been clusters of disease activity detected necessitating the need to implement the aerial treatment in the designated areas," says Dr. Rudy Bueno, Director of HCPHES Mosquito Control. To date, West Nile Virus has been confirmed in 55 mosquito samples. Because of limited road accessibility in the northwest portions of the county, aerial spraying is necessary to combat and control mosquitoes carrying the virus where ground spraying (truck) is less accessible and effective.
  11. 2009 Tour de France

  12. Favorite country Texas artists?

    Though his politics may offend some, I would add Steve Earle to the list. His "Telephone Road" was written in his Houston days...
  13. From my notes (can't remember the source to give proper credit): How do I add an image to my cache description? Solution: You'll first need to upload the image to the cache page. You can do this by clicking the link in the uppper right corner of the page that says 'Upload Images'. Once you have uploaded the image you'll need to open it, right click the image, and select 'properties'. There you'll see a link like this Where the x's are random numbers. Now that you have the link, you'll need to insert it into the body of your cache description using HTML tags like this <img src=""> With the link in between the apostrophes. If you are still having trouble at this point, please check out this page describing some basic HTML for use in your cache descriptions:
  14. Anyone wanna take a quick ride to Utah?

    Speaking of "commercial caches", this new cache seems much more commercial, yet I guess it passed muster just because it didn't use the "club"s name in the title