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  1. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

    Bert- HC started the unbelievable rumor that you and MD have only 1 pair and wear them on alternate days.TMI max
  2. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

    My one -legged girlfriend had a cool sense of humor and changed her name to Eileen. The line of good taste is far behind us by now
  3. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

    Hoist the Mainsail! 20 mph winds will have you outrunning the clipper ships!
  4. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

    Been there, done that. Best idea is to hose him down in the driveway to start cutting the wood smoke smell. Come to think of it, the hose-em down in the driveway thing pretty much works anytime they leave the house from 6th grade to freshman year at college. That and "rub dirt on it"will get you through most of the parenting/health/cleanliness issues you'll see. Parenting for Dummies, pages 14-26
  5. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

    Sounds like the years of training are starting to pay off, Kathy. After 28 yrs Pat has finally gotten me past the "put the seat down " phase but I'm pretty much untrainable
  6. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

    Sounds good, Jason. Remind me a week before and we'll get you set-up. Most of the holes from Brian and Hans's aquatic adventure have been sealed, so you may ride a little higher as a solo
  7. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

    I had heard they called tandems "divorce boats" but thought that only applied to Kevin and KD I have a tandem Ocean Kayak Malibu like Pinky rents. Thacatfish, Amberita and a probably dried out by now Hans have first dibs. ZHR has priority too, but he is still soggier than Hans. Let me know, saving a rental doing a CITO event and finding caches while out on the water with friends? Ask Bert and Emily, it doesn't get better than that!
  8. Lab caches in Bastrop?

    This strongly reminds me of Thanksgiving morning , ie roasted turkey. This same concept will come to South Shore Harbor in 7?!??months, hopefully improved by the smart input from our local folks, cuz GS has repeatedly been clueless and earless Geez, Bob, very tactful, what happened to your filter?
  9. SETX Hunt Team T shirts 2014

    Hi JustKeely- please put me down for a grey shirt, 2XL. Thanks. Bob C
  10. I Have a Dream... of getting the (S) CLAPS

    Need many more details of why the yellow yak was upright and vertical for such a long time? This can't be good?
  11. I Have a Dream... of getting the (S) CLAPS

    73 deg F, 10 mph wind and 15% chance of rain! Very nice !
  12. I Have a Dream... of getting the (S) CLAPS

    Stan-looks like an excellent fishing platform. You had me at wheel in the keel, a simple idea that saves a $50 cart and makes it easy to move the yak from the car to the water, in most cases forus across some parking Lot. It's heavy at 75 lb, I'd think about a Harbor Freight type trailer ($275-Whatever discount they have that monthso you can easily transition from trailer to whee lto water.The hatches, seating position, bungees and set-ups scream 2014 for the modernity of the rig. My Malibu is an 8 year old dinosaur/barge that is tw or three generations behid the Moken,  but at $200 it does feed my Jack Benny cheapness instinct.   Love these websites and they love the Moken   Enjoy, Stan, you'll be sliming the new yak before you know it!!
  13. I Have a Dream... of getting the (S) CLAPS

    Go quietly, Bert. Amberita rocks. That's my yak she was travelling in. So even with that painful yellow seat in front she was rolling.  Dan had the comfortable highback seat in the back of the yak. Looks like they terrorized the Colorful Creek from one end to the other.   I can remember a cold group doing the creek in Dec  last year in 50 deg temps before the night/light parade and sticking their hands in the cocoa I brought over from MCD's at the Walter Hall park take-out point.Think Amber and Dan had a better day with not great tides, but they were on the water from 1:30 to 5:30 on a beautiful 75 deg day.  Life is good!
  14. I Have a Dream... of getting the (S) CLAPS

    What model are you looking at for the new kayak?Give me a call, I'd like to discuss on my way to a FTF with ZHR   Cheap is how I roll. And what about this rumor that you sometimes paddle in the back when Donna is paddling, working, climbing, reaching in the front? 
  15. I Have a Dream... of getting the (S) CLAPS

    I see a pawnshop stop in my Sat plans. Bought a $40 paddle from a pawnshop along 146 to go with the original $200 kayak. Having another,  lighter one around sounds like a good choice.