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  1. Web-based (i.e., NON-GPS!!) puzzle site

    same here Oh, come on! I've seen cache pages use this same trick. The answer is on the page somewhere, but the text is the SAME COLOR as the background, making it effectively invisible. So, how do you manage to SEE this? (I can think of a few ways, some fast, others more complicated ...)
  2. Web-based (i.e., NON-GPS!!) puzzle site

    I understand that you need a non-IE web browser (such as FireFox) to be able to view the contents of your cookies. So far I have resisted the urge to install FireFox just to solve one puzzle step ...
  3. Web-based (i.e., NON-GPS!!) puzzle site

    Oh, no!!! Sounds good!
  4. Web-based (i.e., NON-GPS!!) puzzle site

    Man! Anyone who wants some ideas for puzzle caches should work through these. I'm on level 17 now ...
  5. Web-based (i.e., NON-GPS!!) puzzle site

    I'm at level 11 ... but I'll admit that I found a thread of folks who started on this on 4/17 and have been giving some (mostly small) hints. Otherwise a couple of them would have had me permanently stumped. If you want the hints, Google the two words kammo and mindy. The SpudFiles thread is on the 3rd page of hits.
  6. Web-based (i.e., NON-GPS!!) puzzle site

    I haven't been on the HGCS site for a month now, cause work has gotten so crazy. I just might be getting some free time again, and so what does one of my co-workers do, he shows me THIS SITE and got me hooked. I've rapidly reached level 8. Maybe this is a good site for when it is pouring outside, and GeoCahing isn't an option? (Yah, go ahead and tell me why that's PERFECT geocaching weather.) I miss my geocaching, and hope to get back into it again. Cheers to all!
  7. FIRST to FIND

    Thanks! We were out of circulation for most of the past week (in Louisiana), so it was nice that we didn't miss too many new publishings. Good to be back!
  8. Best GPS unit for both caching AND driving directions?

    Thanks! I'll talk to Scott YC, and check out REI's website. Cheers!
  9. I have had a high-end TomTom in my car for many months, and it does an excellent job of directing me around when needed, but is the pits for caching ... so then I bought a Garmin Vista HCx for caching, and it does everything I need/want for caching, but it doesn't come with street maps. No matter, I use whichever one makes the most sense for the task at hand. NOW, I want to get a single unit for my wife (Tigger), and I'd like to get one that does a pretty good job of both. The only other thing to add to the mix is that she will be price-resistant since we are saving for a big trip this summer. What are the group's thoughts about the best model to get? I'll start by suggesting a Garmin (don't know which model) plus street maps for the U.S. What would >>YOU<< suggest, and why? (I've been trying to get her a cache-capable unit for awhile; she says we only need one - mine. I'm hoping to use this as an excu__ ... uh, a good reason to get her a unit that can cache. Of course, since mine's a Garmin, there are advantages to getting compatible units.) Thanks in advance for your ideas!
  10. HGCS 2008 Travel Bug Race

    OK, folks, I'm heading to New Orleans next week for a few days (leaving this Friday evening or Saturday morning). Anyone want to get a TB from the race (other than mine, of course) to me for dropping off? I can be bribed, probably as simply as with a "please". (I'm a lousy negoitiator. Can you tell?)
  11. Deciding When to Check

    He disabled it within an hour or so of me posting my note on this board. You...you....you don't suppose he READS this forum, do you? :-\ I figured that based on the quick action on a few we discussed recently .. either that or else a little birdie on this forum is passing stuff to him.
  12. Does Houston need another prime reviewer?

    Just my two cents, but it seems to me that everyone would benefit from "doing time" as a PR ... I'd like to see one seat (maybe a junior or assistant position) that is assigned on a rotating basis, maybe for 3 months, so that we all get to see the PR's perspective. If we knew what they see and have to deal with, we could do our submissions a bit differently to streamline things for everybody.
  13. Many 60CSx Questions (more later)

    OK, so I finally bit and looked at the specs on this guy, compared it to my Garmin eTrex Vista HCx, which retails for $100 less. I wanted to see what new things I was missing. Using the Garmin site's comparison tool, the only difference I see is that the 60CSx comes with an SD card (I had to supply my own), and the 60CSx also has tide tables (which I don't think I will need). Oh, it offers serial PC interface in addition to USB. On the other hand, mine weighs less and lasts longer on the same batteries. What am I missing? What's the big deal for the 60?
  14. If you could change your username.....

    Now, that's what I was talking about! Does it also play MP3s and movies, work as a GPSr, a cell phone (with Bluetooth, of course), **AND** a radar detector?? O0 O0
  15. If you could change your username.....

    Hmmm ... I think I see a market for PathTags with a small LCD screen on them and a tiny battery, so that they can be changed at will! Let's see, who is willing to buy them at, say, $25 each?