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  1. Salutations!

    Welcome! Hope to see you out in the field sometime (or maybe at an event if they ever let me start coming to those again.)

    I'm enjoying the show. I don't watch much TV at all, but we schedule this one. The puzzles are nice and hard and it is interesting to watch people thrash around when they get stuck. So far, the geniuses aren't; the ex-CIA left plenty behind when they vacated the agency; and Air Force is making their branch look very good.
  3. Pocket Queries not run. Why?

    Update, I moved my local pocket query which was scheduled on Fridays and has stopped working to Mondays and Thursdays instead. Today's came real early. Perhaps Friday is just overwhelmed with volume?
  4. newbie striking out in West U.

    35 Miles? That is pretty good. I will always remember my friends first time out. I had him hold the GPS while I ran into the hotel room to get something I forgot. He tried to click on the nearby cache waypoint but instead inadvertantly placed a new waypoint where he was standing. He then clicked "Goto" and we were off. Fortunately we only looked for it for about 20 minutes before we figured out what the problem was.
  5. Pocket Queries not run. Why?

    My scheduled queries do not work, but like you pointed out, the one time queries do seem to work. If anyone is having difficulties, here are two brand spanking new gpx files for you: 77478 - Sugar Land (500 caches)77003 - Houston (500 caches)
  6. Pocket Queries not run. Why?

    I needed my local friday query yesterday so I clicked it to run on Thursday too, but it never did. Have not received the Friday copy yet, either. There's a Wocket in the pocket, and now somethings out of sprocket!
  7. The original post says send a pm to Thot, so that is what I did. I'm usually not real good at directions, but they work as a last resort.
  8. Ok - you got my attention now. I'm busy and a 36 mile drive to the location will be a pain and difficult to schedule, but I'm willing to contribute my brain to the hunt.
  9. Texas State PArks

    You hate to see funding cuts and parks closing, but...maybe it is best that they jettison some of the parks to allow them to keep the great parks in great shape. (Odd that them mentioned San Jacinto as a candidate for closing guess is they only did that to catch the public eye and get some emergency funding from the legislature or from other sources.) Obviously, I would prefer that TX be #1 in state park funding instead of 49th (although I would like to see the actual numbers on that...all the TX state parks I have visited - aside from Lake Houston - have been excellent and on par or better than those of any other state I've lived in. {Colorado, Washington, Kansas, Arkansas}.) However, a state budget is a complicated thing with many people clamoring for lots of money for their own little pet projects. Lots of fat and waste and silly expenditures. (I'm sure there are those who feel the same about State Parks...but they are entitled to be wrong.)
  10. X marks the spot !

    These are always lots of fun. This one, however seems very spread out!
  11. Looks interesting. If I were closer, I would swing by and check it out. Maybe next time I'm down that way.
  12. Found my first cache!

    So it known cure yet.
  13. Umm.. New... and would like a mentor / friend

    Welcome! I think you will find caching a great and very flexible hobby. You can do it with others as a relational things or by yourself when you want to be alone or friends just aren't available.
  14. Texas State PArks

    Heh. I've seen the pool at Lake Houston State Park. I did not swim in it though.
  15. Everyone check in....

    I drove through this front all the way from Colorado to central Oklahoma. (7 hours of heavy rain and hail) Then I come home and get to experience it once again.