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  1. $1000 FTF Prize

    Artifact number 2 is definitely in Texas. Maybe a little road trip this weekend if it has not been claimed.
  2. New Series in Clear Lake

    This will be a big help completing the Month of Mysteries challenge.
  3. $1000 FTF Prize

    First one was found in Columbus Ohio not far from we were thinking it was. Game 2 has started. Clue 2 mentions Joe Dirt, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.
  4. $1000 FTF Prize

    Clue V: Characters in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia which are related and have the last name Reynolds. There is a Reynoldsburg in Franklin County Ohio which is near Columbus. There is a West Marine store within 22 miles located in Dublin, OH. There is a Nature Preserve about 1.6 miles South of East Main Street in Reynoldsburg which is near a golf coarse.
  5. $1000 FTF Prize

    A little challenge for some of the puzzle people. Think it might be in Ohio. Karen (Megan Draper) is working on this and needs some help. Email her or contact via or FB.
  6. FTFC

    Send me the coords. I'll check it out.
  7. FTFC

    Get it!!!
  8. FTFC

    I heard last week that the cache had been hidden and submitted for approval. I'll check with him and see if I can get an update.
  9. We are heading out to West Texas/New Mexico area for a week and wanted to see if there were any must do caches out that way. We will be hitting Guadalupe Peak, Carlsbad Caverns and White Sands.
  10. Is FTFC dead?

    I heard they were going to try and get it placed this week.
  11. Houston Area TerraCacher's Gathering July 28th The TerraCaching staff would like to extend an invitation to all the Houston/Texas area cachers who are interested in a meet and greet. This would be an opportunity for TerraCachers to gather, discuss like interests, future ideas for the site, and have a candid discussion about the current status of TerraCaching. We would like to have a meal (either at a park or a restaurant) in the Houston area. If interested, please rsvp by either logging a note or sending an email to Please indicate your preference for a park meeting or a restaurant meeting. I will update the cache log and send an email when the final details of the meeting location has been picked out. There will also be a raffle for a TChirt!
  12. Baytown Bert's A Cryin GC3B8ZZ Mashup June 23 0700

    I plan to be there ready to go at 0700.
  13. FTFC Trophy Event

    Pictures are flowing in. Don't forget to send yours before the Noon deadline today.
  14. FTFC Trophy Event

  15. FTFC Trophy Event

    Either works.