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  1. Where is the challenge this year?
  2. Good day picking up some puzzle caches today!

  3. FTF#3 - Fine Tasting Fish

    Unfortunately I am out of town!
  4. How Smart is BigBender? Flash Mob Event

    I really wish we could make this event!  It looks like there will be a lot of fun! 
  5. 10 Years! Baytown, TX

    I'm pretty sure - I can tell by the Red Sox hat!
  6. 10 Years! Baytown, TX

    The picture titled "Criffree and unknown standing".  The standing guy is FamilieRyan Dad, the people sitting are cookcachers and Cachin Shark!
  7. 10 Years! Baytown, TX

    Larry - AMESOME event!  We had a blast!  Great turnout!  Thanks so much for hosting!
  8. WWFM VI - Katy

    Maybe this?
  9. WWFM VI - Katy

    FamilieRyan Mom wants to do some dancing like on Oprah!
  10. West Houston Meet and Greet

    LGNE - I am sorry I was out of town and could not attend!  Sounds like a great time was missed.  Thanks for hosting the event.
  11. SETX Gang Spring Fling

    This sounds like a lot of fun.  Hopefully the travel schedule will calm down so we can attend!
  12. GeoWoodstock VII

    cool! do geocaching companies come and sell merchandise there?
  13. GeoWoodstock VII

    We haven't been to one of these mega-events before.  What goes on exactly?? There must be some cool stuff if there are that many people going!
  14. GeoWoodstock VII

    This event could be really cool!  As sorta new geocachers(2007), we had always heard people talking about the Geowoodstocks and we had no idea what they were....now we do.  The drive is sorta far though, but there could be some good caching on the way! I just mapquested the directions and it was 12-13hrs from the house.