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  1. TEXAS Status

    I went out to the park today to do maintenance on the "A". I only managed the east half of the "A" - the going is very tough and the waterway down the middle of the "A" was deep enough to prevent easy crossing. The terrain is a lot more thorny that it was a couple of years ago - the fire helped clear the path for thorns to grow. By using the pictures I had from the previous maintenance run, I was able to locate all of the caches and get them set for the next finders. I wore brush pants (with thorn guards and they worked very well. The thorns didn't penetrate the pants, saving me from many scrapes. The thorns do make the going slow as every step is a chore! Here's a detailed status of the caches: A5 - wet, thorny terrain. Soda tube was on a tree that had fallen. Using the picture from the cache page, I found the tube, all was in great shape. Reattached to another tree and will update a new photo to the cache page. A4 - Low thorns, lots of them! Cache was still attached to tree, but it had fallen so I reattached to a new tree. All in good shape, new picture will be uploaded to cache page. A7 - Pure brutality. Lots of thorns, particularly the last 200 feet from the pipeline right of way. Ammo can is shot, so I connected a micro to the ammo can with a new log. Good to go, new picture will be uploaded to cache page. A2 - Thorns lighted up a bit. There are two containers at this cache - one was fire damaged but I left it. The other is still in great shape. Reattached containers to a new tree, new picture will be uploaded to cache page. A1 - Original tree at GZ was gone, but the cache was right on the ground - dry and in great shape. I reattached to another tree - good to go. New picture will be uploaded to cache page. A3 - even the right of way was difficult due to mud today! Not too bad on the way to this cache. Found it where it should be and reattached it more securely. Good to go and new picture will be uploaded to cache page! All in all, the terrain on the northern part of the "A" is tough - lots of thorns. Be prepared for a long and tiring day - not sure if you can do the whole series in a day anymore - the thorns make it difficult and more importantly tiring! Have fun out there!
  2. GBP TEXAS - soda tubes on tallows

    I am the owner of the "A" in "TEXAS". Did you check each cache page for the pictures i put up showing the exact location of the cache? I did that so folks could tell if something had changed in the area or could look around close to GZ if the area had flooded or maybe the trees (especially in the "A" where the fire hit a few years ago) have deteriorated. I use rope (or string) to attach most (if not all) of the caches because I think zip ties will break from growth or from exposure to the sun. Soda tubes are by far the most resilient containers (metal ammo cans are also very good) as long as people put them back together tightly. I have had issues lately with a large ammo can that had lots of water in it because a finder didn't put the cap back on - I can't fix those kind of issues. The ammo can on A7 survived the fire so I left it out there as a reminder of how hot it got at that time - it's not from lack of maintenance. If there's a leak or something that is different and I'll check on it next time I'm out there. This was the first DNF on the caches out there for the "A", so I wouldn't necessarily go out and do maintenance until I know there are issues. If you looked at the pictures and the cache is definitely not there, that would be very helpful to know - too often I go to a cache that is DNF'ed and it's still there. I have added a note to the cache description on A1 to let folks know that I will provide replacement containers to anyone heading out in the case that caches are missing. I also added a note to each page reminding folks that there is a picture of the exact cache location for each "A" cache. I also have another plan to help with replacement caches - stay tuned. All being said - I am going on a maintenance run tomorrow (2/7/16) at 7am, leaving from the east parking lot. Anyone can join me if they'd like - haven't been out slogging in the park for a while. Message me if you'd like to join. Larry
  3. Critters seen while caching

    A little guy I found while caching!
  4. Critters seen while caching

    Saw this guy in GBP today!
  5. Hairy trees

    Very cool!
  6. Longest since last find

    You can keep reminding me Bert - I appreciate it.
  7. Longest since last find

    My $0.02: Sometimes I disable a cache (so cachers won't go looking for a missing cache) and real life gets in the way and I can't get out there in a reasonable amount of time. About 50 % of the time the cache is still there when I get a chance to go look at it, so I am glad I didn't archive it prematurely. However, I am completely ok with a nudge from my fellow cachers to make sure I make a decision one way or the other. If I want to keep it going, I will do so. If I've been putting it off or forgotten about the maintenance, I am fine with opening up more room for others to place caches. The last thing I want is PR making the call. Whoever that is, they can be like pi, or e, or radical 2........
  8. How to Get to Addicks Reservoir

    You can ride a bike no problem. There is an underpass from the parking south of I10.
  9. Anyone have an in with PR?

    I'm pretty sure PR (Brent) doesn't like me very much!
  10. Critters seen while caching

    My first snake of the year. About 3 - 4 feet long. North George Bush Park.
  11. http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC4X8VK_below-the-t?guid=1000adfd-2f50-4435-b648-ead69683351b Warning - I would not recommend chasing this cache while the gun range is open. I was hiking along the trail and was about 400 feet from the cache when I heard a zip and then a crash in the woods in front of me. I wasn't sure that it was a bullet until I heard another pop from the range and then another zip and crash into the woods. I immediately turned around and heard round number three hit. It turns out a rifle round makes a pretty distinctive whizzing zipping noise when it goes by you. Most likely some sort of deflection from the rifle range, but nonetheless a bit unsettling! I thought all I had to worry about in the park was feral hogs, bobcats, snakes, and critters! I have hiked along this trail a few times and never had any issues, but I wouldn't hike beyond the short part of the gun range (after the 50 yd range. I would say the probabilities of any issues is low, but I know I would rather be safe than sorry!
  12. Post IN THE QUEUE teasers here

    10 in the queue, varying terrain......
  13. Trackables and length held

    I usually keep them for 1-3 months depending on mission, where I am traveling, etc. Also, I try to make sure I put them in a "safe" cache as I do not want the TBs or coins to go missing, and that usually takes a bit of time. Also, I don't mind when I receive a note from a TB owner asking me to move it along, sometimes I forget how long I have it.
  14. Archiving One Huge Smile to redesign

    I'd be happy to help with the cache placement. This part of the park is not bad at all, especially in the winter. There are a few trails, lots of open, high grass fields, and some undergrowth in the woods. It's my favorite part of the park, and I spend a lot of time there. I was planning on adding some puzzles to the area but I'll hold off until this gets decided. I think a redo would be fun!
  15. Which kind of hider are you?

    I am a type A or B. Sometimes puzzles make them a bit more complicated