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  1. GPS used to deliver packages

    I get packages at my door all the time that is for the neighbor. Granted I do live in an apartment complex and our doors are right next to each other but most of the time they have the apartment number on the package
  2. FTF Promotion

    After a very long weekend of munzeeing, I did not have the energy on trying to convince my mom to find a cache. Although we were less then 300 feet from several caches I was just ready to come home. I did end up finding 2 caches in McKinney, but mom stayed in the car for both of them because it was not the 10th yet and she thought it would be cheating if I took the picture a day early. All well, I dont look at my caching badges much anyway.
  3. FTF Promotion

    It would be nice to have, but I'm not going to attempt to get it. I have talked about geocaching with all of my muggle friends and no one is interested. Actually I just thought of a way I may be able to get it. My mom recently made an account so she could log her will attends for the round up, but she has never logged a find. We will be in McKinney for the big munzee bash on Monday the 10, so I wonder if we can find an LPC with a munzee on it and she can log one of those.
  4. Collapsible kayak?

    I don't see how it would float. What keep the water from getting inside and sinking it?
  5. Collapsible kayak?

    This is really cool but I don't know if it would work http://news.dose.com/theworld/30143/This-Collapsible-Kayak-Means-You-Can-Say-I-m-On-A-Boat-Literally-Anytime/
  6. Longest since last find

    I sent you a PM
  7. Longest since last find

    I DNFed sundial at GBP on 12/7/15 but apparently never logged it. I just posted a note on the cache page
  8. Perfect opportunity for a paddle CITO?

    PR would not approve this as an event. You can not have a caching event at the same time as another event. Remember the issues you had at your Yepez event?
  9. Pokemon GO

    My muggle husband actually asked me if we could go caching so he could catch pokemon.
  10. Pokemon GO

    Thats not quite how it works Bert, you cant choose where pokemon go. You cant say I want this pokemon in the location. Pokemon randomly pop up in "like" terrains. Like poison type pokemon show up near gas stations or chemical plants; ghost type pokemon show up in cemeterys; water type pokemon show up near rivers, lakes, ponds, oceans; grass type show up in parks; psychic type show up near elecricitcal things.
  11. Pokemon GO

    My husband and I were in Allenbrook park the other day from 10:00pm-11:45pm with about 30 other people catching pokemon. Yesterday we drove thru Jenkins park and we saw about 20 people walking around probably doing the same thing. Tonight on my way home from work i drove thru town and saw several cars driving very slowly thru parking lots of closed business. This game is getting crazy
  12. Best TB resurrection story

    You should dip them into the woodstock event page so then can get the CA-CO miles
  13. Geocaching basics for Law Enforcement (Free class!)

    We ran into a Sheriff at Mingo who had never heard of geocaching. Lots and lots of people from all over the world were there to sign the log and he pulled over to see what was going on. He was very intrigued and was asking a lot of questions and people were excited to answer them. He was very nice and passed out his business cards and said if anyone needed any help while we were out to give him a call and he would come over. He took pictures with anyone and everyone and said he was going to go home and look more into the game. We mentioned to him that since he was an officer he got a FREE premium membership. He thanked us and said he will be creating an account once he got home.
  14. Laminating for TB Info Sheet + "Trinket" Idea?

    The Baytown library has a laminater. I'm not sure how much they charge though
  15. Anybody Want to Adopt My Choo Choo Series?

    Thank you Dave for keeping this series alive. I would like to do it some day but every time I get the chance to go do it something else comes up at the last minute.