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  1. Houston Cistern o[pen to the public Friday the 13th

    I'll have to visit that on one of my return trips to Houston. I've heard about it for years but had no idea it was to be opened to the public.
  2. Strange Coordinate System

    I think you're going in the right direction Larry. Looks like it may be Universal Polar Stereographic. When I try to convert, it comes very close to believable numbers and there are apparently some correction factors that need to dialed in to make things work just right. Not something the casual GPS or cell phone user is likely to be familiar with.
  3. Strange Coordinate System

    A number of systems refer to northings, eastings, etc., including the relatively common UTM, but I can't find any that fit with the numbers on that post.
  4. Strange Coordinate System

    Almost undoubtedly correct, but if the reference point is not given it's meaningless to someone trying to determine their position. And the reference to "GPS Coordinates" is odd since it seems it would have to be a system that is normally selectable in a typical GPS, and my Garmin 64 seems unable to digest it. I may have to try to find someone in the parks department that has some information (but I'm not optimistic about that happening).
  5. Strange Coordinate System

    Does anyone know what coordinate system is in use on this sign in a San Antonio park? I'm at least somewhat familiar with most coordinate systems, and I can't think of anything that matches this. So far no one in the SA caching community seems to have a clue either. For reference, here are the coordinates of the nearest cache: N 29° 29.906 W 098° 42.482 UTM: 14R E 528300 N 3263245. State plane doesn't seem to work either.
  6. project gc stats

    That would do it. If you want to get things back in balance, just delete one of the logs. You can even delete the one which was used to drop the TB, and it will remain despite the log deletion.
  7. Polymagnets

    I was playing with that stuff as a kid in the early 60s. I don't think stump remover was available then, but in those days I could by potassium nitrate from the local drug store. I'm sure he wondered why we kids were always buying the stuff. Interesting to see that people are still "discovering" such things.
  8. My 1k

    I'll second the nomination of Necropolis, although the other would make fine milestone caches as well.
  9. Lake WHAT?!?

    It probably was renamed at some point.
  10. Lone Star Reviewer

    She was filling in for WTR when he was sidelined with serious family issues.
  11. I10 East Caching

    If this one is enabled by the time you make your trip, I'd highly recommend it: #Moonrising
  12. USGS Quad Maps

    When I was working on that challenge, I opened the .kml with the grid in Google Earth and then generated a .gpx from GSAK with all the available caches and added it to GE as well. That allowed me to easily determine my targets for the day. Maybe a bit clunky, but it worked well enough for me. You won't have the caches displayed graphically by grid, but in the remote quadrants there are so few caches available that making a list in some format is easily done.
  13. GSAK Use

    Tuba_dude, you need to update GSAK. The current version is, and I think one of the maintenance releases includes an automatic reminder to renew your access token. Menu Bar>Tools>Check for a newer version of GSAK or simply select these options:
  14. Garmin 64 series v4.00 Firmware Update Out

    Tried using both the aftermarket maps and the Garmin maps (bought them before I knew how good the aftermarket maps are) with no success and also tried direct send, dropping the .ggz file directly into the GGZ directory on the Garmin, and sending with the Garmin export macro. None of these methods allows the "unknown" caches to be displayed. Also, .ggz will not display child waypoints on my 64st although I can export the waypoints as a .gpx and load them separately and they will display.
  15. Garmin 64 series v4.00 Firmware Update Out

    I've noticed this problem specifically with earthcaches, but after reading this, I'll keep an eye out for similar behavior with Unknown/Not Chosen types as well.