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  1. Does GC no longer provide for Needs Maintenance logs?

    For the moment at least, you can click on the "Opt Out" link in the upper right to return to the old style logging page.
  2. I Just Made a Wherigo Cartridge

    Nice work. It looks like the FTF enjoyed it, and if I happen to get to that area I'll give it a try.
  3. I Just Made a Wherigo Cartridge

    If there's a Wherigo that you particularly enjoyed, you might ask the creator of that one for some tips. I understand the frustration - I've thought a few times about trying to create one, but I see all the difficulty and then weigh that against the number of cachers who bother hunting them, and so far have not had the motivation to put any serious effort into it.
  4. If anyone is using Evince (Prime Reviewer's old checker) on any puzzles, you may want to replace it with something else. The site has become a spam site and eventually (if not already) Evince will be automatically removed from cache pages. The good new is, I was a "Winner!"
  5. I Just Made a Wherigo Cartridge

    I came across this in my bookmarks this morning (quite by accident). I don't know if you've seen it yet, but it may be of some help:
  6. I Just Made a Wherigo Cartridge

    Never having created one, I'm on shaky ground, but based on how they operate (other than the reverse type, of course) I suspect it is.
  7. I Just Made a Wherigo Cartridge

    In order to complete the Wherigo on, a code which is generated at the end of the Wherigo must be entered. The problem is, that there's a disconnect between logging the Wherigo on and logging it on Logging it or failing to log it on has no bearing on the ability to log it as "Found" on, and when it comes down to earning that golden smiley, its the log on geocaching that counts, not the one on wherigo. I've never seen that logging a Wherigo on the Wherigo site affects anything. The only requirement in the guidelines to log a cache find is to sign the log and there is no distinction made for a Wherigo cache, possibly because the physical cache typically is found as the final step in completing the Wherigo.
  8. I Just Made a Wherigo Cartridge

    If the Wherigo starting point is virtual, and it's hard to imagine it being anything else, it can be at the same location. Here is the relevant portion of the Groundspeak guidelines in answer to the second question: Wherigo® Caches A Wherigo cache requires a Wherigo cartridge to find a cache container with a logbook. The cartridge must be hosted on and the cache description must include a link to the cartridge. Wherigo posted coordinates must be the same as the “Start at” coordinates on, or within 2 miles (3.2 km) of the final for Play anywhere and Reverse cartridges. I suppose the cache could be at an earlier stage, but I'm not sure why it would be done that way. Finding the physical container indicates completion of the Wherigo on every one that I've ever seen, so why would the player wish continue beyond that point? I would suggest having a friend dry-run the Wherigo with you observing and watching for any problems that you need to correct. I would be even better if you could test it with multiple platforms, but that may not be practical.
  9. GSAK Use

    If the child waypoints all have some common item, it should be possible to filter for those caches from the "Children" tab under filters. However, if you only want to send specific child waypoints from a cache that has multiple child waypoints, i.e. only parking coordinates from a cache that has trail head and other waypoints set as well, that's above my level. If you go to one of the numerous GSAK help forums, perhaps someone might write a RegEx statement for you that would pull out only what you want. There are people on some of the forums with knowledge many orders of magnitude above mine when it comes to that sort of thing.
  10. GSAK Use

    The flag has nothing to do with whether or not the child waypoint is displayed. It is a means of "flagging" a cache or waypoint for some operation such as a filter. I suggest using the Garmin Export Macro which allows export of child waypoints in various formats. Note that if you use the .ggz file format, the child waypoint(s) must be exported as POIs. If you are loading as .gpx, then they will export as part of the .gpx file.
  11. Google Earth Pro?

    I don't think the plain vanilla version allows you to draw circles and such, but it's so long since I used the regular version that I'm no longer sure.
  12. Cachly?

    I have no personal experience, but some of the San Antonio area cachers that I know really love Cachly.
  13. Has GC stopped supporting encryption of logs?

    I didn't switch to the new version, so I hadn't noticed, but it does appear to be missing.
  14. Has GC stopped supporting encryption of logs?

    Put the part that you don't want encrypted in [between brackets].
  15. It's a sad day...

    I'd been hoping to get to that one since I've been living here, but it's only been available for a day or two, and I missed the few windows of opportunity. Sad to see it go.