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  1. 2015 Lone Star Roundup

    I plan to sleep in my own bed and then drive the 5 miles or so to the park 
  2. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

    Looks like I may have an open seat.  However, the only extra PFD is my wife's and she's not very big, so anyone looking for a ride will probably need to scrounge their own PFD.   FWIW, I'm planning to work south of the launch area.
  3. Lawyers, Guns and Money GC52ZMA

      Might the next shooting event be "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner?"
  4. Shoot Your Heart Out Event

      And also, I'd wager, you're an admirer of the colonel.
  5. Geowoodstock XII - Anyone going?

      I'll have to put that little series on the list (pending a review of where they're all physically located).  I wonder if PR would "bless" something like this, but I suspect not.
  6. Geowoodstock XII - Anyone going?

  7. Lone Star Round Up September 14-15

      Sorry to hear that.  Hope she's doing OK.
  8. Geo Woodstock XI 2013 Roll Call

        "Seldom seen and never remembered"
  9. Geo Woodstock XI 2013 Roll Call

  10. GeoWoodstock XI

  11. Keep Jones Forest Beautiful CITO

    The Northsiders are hosting an informal breakfast and coffee event before the CITO. If you're headed that way, we invite you to stop by for a meet and greet before heading out to gather the garbage. The Dawn Patrol's "Late" Breakfast
  12. Acadiana Geocachers Meet and Greet in TX

    The event is east of Montgomery, and RefFest is south of Plantersville. The road distance is +/- 20 miles, so traffic should not be a major concern. For anyone coming from the south i.e. Houston, etc., I would suggest I-45 to Loop 336 and then FM 2854 to TX 105. At that point you're almost at the event site. OK, I see now - two events one at RefFest and the other in Montgomery. I'll be visiting the one in Montgomery if I get the chance but I'll take a pass on the other.
  13. Keep Jones Forest Beautiful CITO

    Not really a lot, but there is room to pull over and park along the dead end road that goes to the south end.
  14. Keep Jones Forest Beautiful CITO

    Most of the caches are just off the trails in the forest. The trails, in general, form a grid pattern with trails running north/south and east west. This is not absolutely correct, but it should give you an idea of what it looks like. By bicycle, and caching alone, I was able to do the Presidential series in about 4 1/2 hours (as I recall) and around 10.5 miles. The new caches would add to that time/distance, of course. The only suggestion I can think of that may help is start at the south end and work north. The park more or less runs up hill from south to north, and if you do as I did, you'll have a long and often sandy uphill ride back to parking at the end of your hunt. You could either park at the south end, work your way north and then return south or park north, go more or less directly to the south end and then work your way back. It's a nice series, actually two series now, but it probably won't work well with the CITO Event. Here's a link to the trail system: http://texasforestse...jsf/MapJsf3.pdf BTW, all caches in both series are south of FM 1488.
  15. San Antonio and Maze

    Sorry to report that the maze has been cancelled to make way for a mummy exhibit. Maybe next year . . . :'(