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  1. How do You Know...?

    Since I prefer to camouflage as well as I can, sometimes mine are not found as often as others. But to me, that is half the fun. If I get several DNF's, then I will go and check it.
  2. GPS or Smartphone?

    I use an older Garmin Vista Hcx and log my finds, view previous finds, check hints, etc on my Pocket PC. Maybe old school, but it works for me. Besides, it seems like my phone battery would not last that long.
  3. Movie Mania II is up !

    For all you puzzle nuts out there....... Movie Mania II is now ready for FTF ! GC51GQ3 hahahahaha Rick
  4. Got a new souvenir

    That's pretty cool. I have 4. Thanks, TravelingGeek.....I appreciate it.
  5. Got a new souvenir

    Thanks, I will check it out.....
  6. What is Munzee?

    Years ago, I had a Munzee TV !
  7. Got a new souvenir

    Ah....... Maybe I'm a little slow...(I did go to school on a small bus !) But what are you talking about ?
  8. Found spot for a new series!

    Those are great camouflage cache containers......! They look like real gators.
  9. Just Published

    First one I have hidden in a long, long time....... Is anyone familiar with the story ? Geocache: GC50M96 Rick
  10. Just Published

    Congratulations to Team Troglodyte for FTF !!!!!!!
  11. How your funniest caching story.

    I'll start. Years ago, I was after a cache off Sorters road behind Lone Star college, along the San Jacinto River. I parked in the lot got out my trusty Garmin and headed into the woods. The woods here are very dense with intertwining thorn bushes. It was really tough going. Came across several gator slides . Finally after about of 1/2 hour of bush wacking, I got to the area. The canopy was kind of thick too, so my signal was jumping around. I walked around in circles for about 15-20 minutes and then I found the cache ! Ta-Da ! I signed the log and looked around. I had no idea where I was or which way to go. No traffic sounds, nothing. Then I slapped my forehead. I had forgotten to mark my car as a waypoint ! I kept looking around. Nope. No clue which way to go. I thought about calling my daughter and have her park in the lot and blow her horn so I would know which way to go. But, then I would have to put up with listening to her for years ! More sitting on a log thinking..... Wait..... Due west is the river. North the next closest object is Dallas. South is the river. (It curves here.)East is the parking lot or Sorters Road. Either one will get me to a point where I know where I am ! Ah-ha ! My Garmin has a compass ! Just mush due East and eventually I either hit Sorters Road or US-59. A hour later, I hit a wall of thorn bushes, walked around them and ended up about 20 yards from my car ! hahaha. Now, when I get out of the car, before I pick up my hiking staff, I mark the car ! And I never had to tell my daughter how stupid I was hahahahaha. Rick
  12. Story behind the caching name?

    I am big into genealogy and my grandfather was born in Iceland. But, I wasn't named after him, his name was Thorolfur Una Krisfinnur Thorolfsson.It's a long story, but coming thru Canadian customs, his last name was changed to be the same as his father's last name (Thorolfur Gudnason) So they kept the Gudnason name. Confusing, huh ? I have been to Iceland twice and love it. My daughter came up with the name. And when they wanted split off and cache on their own I became; "One of the Texas Vikings", they became "Two of the Texas Vikings" and my other daughter became "Two more of the Texas Vikings". Rick PS: The names change each generation in Iceland. My son's last name would be "Richardsson". My daughter's last name would be Richardsottir" and she would keep that when she married. So 4 people in a household, Mother, Father, Son and Daughter, they all have different last names ! hahaha Oh, phone books in Iceland are listed alphabetically by first name, not last. So I would be in the phone book under "R" !
  13. Post IN THE QUEUE teasers here

    Don't forget your shots !
  14. Post IN THE QUEUE teasers here

    "the crazy lady often found caching in a dress and heels... That's funny, because I have often seen Mustard Devil in a dress and heels !
  15. Archiving a 10 year old cache

    I always pull out my gun, to show them I have a CHL !
  16. Help !

    Okay, every time I pull caches whether I use 25 miles from my house or 100 miles from my house, when I download them, I only get 18. I am still a basic member does that make any difference ? It used to download all of them, then run them thru GSAK and upload them to my device, but it stops at 18, even tho it shows 667 caches. I can see them, but can't download them. What am I doing wrong.... Thanks, Rick
  17. Help !

    Mustard Devil !!!! Long time, no hear from ! It used to be you could download them all, I think, or maybe I was a Premium Member, back then. In any case, I will become a Premium Member right away. I found a way to send them to my Garmin car GPS, so I can see them as I drive ! hahaha Thanks, Rick
  18. I'm Back !

    Hi everybody. I have been gone a long time. Since we generally cached as a family, my daughter was pregnant and we just kind of got away from it. Since I have been gone, I thought it might be of some interest what I have been doing, to some of my old friends. In July, I rode my Honda Goldwing Motorcycle from Atascocita to Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska ! 10,000 miles round trip. If you are thinking about it, the best way to keep from damaging your M/C is easy. Borrow one from someone you don't like and can't get along with..... That way, yours will be undamaged, sitting in the garage. This was my fifth trip by M/C throughout the US. I have been looking over my old archived puzzle caches and think I may resurrect a couple of them. I will have to work out the best way to do it with I am retired now, so I have more time to work on puzzles for you ! hehehehehe..... . I will close this..... Hello to all of my old friends and Hello to new friends I haven't met yet. Rick
  19. I'm Back !

    Thank you.....I'm glad to be back and really glad that you remembered the caches ! Looking forward to seeing you guys again. Rick
  20. Jesse Jones

    I heard there was a big Geocaching Event at Jesse Jones Next Week. Does anyone know about it ? Rick (yes, I'm still alive !)
  21. New arrivals and air pigs

    Looks like a sewer pipe with wings..... Save all those pics of Continental, because in 5 years no one will remember it.... BTW: OSC is a chief dispatcher and one of the people in charge of getting and approving the new flight planning system ! He is no lightweight.... Me, I'm just a peon. I work international, most of the time from Europe to the US, on the graveyard shift. Our job is #1 to keep everyone safe. Make decisions on where they fly, how high, how fast, how much fuel they need, etc...get there, ontime, safely and as cheaply as possible.... You don't how expensive it is to fly across the "pond". At any one time, there about 40,000 people in the air over your head... None of them would be there, without the dispatcher's signature. And the public doesn't even know about us. When I tell people I'm a "dispatcher" , they think of taxi cab or police dispatchers. Not "flight controllers." We are responsible from take off to landing of all the planes on our desk. When they land, they are someone else's problem. Sorry about the soapbox, just thought you would like to know a little about us.... Rick
  22. New arrivals and air pigs

    My wallpaper is Miss July of 1987.......hahahahaha
  23. New arrivals and air pigs

    Since Lefty was so nice (?) I thought I would answer. In 1982, I left Detroit for Texas. When I decided to move, I had spent my entire life in Michigan, except for my time in the Navy. I picked Texas to move to. I was not displaced or ordered to move. I picked it. Now, the company is moving to Chicago. After spending all those years in Detroit, I know what Chicago is like. So, all I can say is "bye-bye"... I, for one, would not go even if they paid me a lot more money.... My family is here, my friends are here and here is where I am going to stay. Luckily, because I am old... I don't have to make a decision like OSC has to make. So, I am working on my new career... Actually, it could be one of two; "You want fries with that ?" or "Welcome to Walmart. Would you like a cart ?" I have volunteered to be a slum lord for some of the guys who want to rent out their homes. "If heaven ain't a lot like Texas, then I don't want to go !" Rick
  24. A really cool link...

    First, yes, I am still alive, in case some of you were wondering.... Besides other problems, I have COPD (the old emphysema,bronchitis) making it difficult to exert myself (you know like walking, jumping across streams, etc) But, I am working with a Pulmonologist, and he expects for me to improve. Especially, since I quit smoking, (after 50 years). Turns out that COPD is genetic (to a certain degree. Of course the smoking didn't help) Now, for the reason of this (about time !) I found a great site, worth downloading info from... You can pick you area and poi 's that you want to down load and send them to your GPS. It even allows for different makes of GPS (you mean everyone doesn't have a Garmin !?) Kind of cool.. Okay enough for now....just remember, I'm quite often lurking in the background, so watch what you say about me ! hahahaha Happy caches to everyone.... Rick (One of the Texas Vikings)
  25. facebook problems?

    Do you know what all the means ? It's Broke.....!