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  1. I will help in any way necessary but AM NOT raising my hand this year.
  2. Awesome Tshirt

    I ordered an Army Mom shirt from them and it is a good quality Hanes t shirt. Not one of the heavyweight ones.
  3. Looking for a caching buddy on April 25th...

    Aww, I would love to but I am working.. Good luck though!
  4. Lone Star Roundup 2014

    Just wanted to see who will be attending? I booked an rv site at Oakdale Park right down the street from the SP since I didn't get a site at the SP.
  5. Longest since last find

    I was just thinking about this thread this morning....
  6. 12th Annual Texas Challenge Trackable

    I would be interested in our numbers also, even though one of our ladies had a CENTEX score card and didn't change it

    Depending on the date of the Challenge, it will fall in Spring break which will allow thur/fri tours!! I will try to take a trip to Brenham and scout around. Other then blue bell, what other qualities does it hold? I am not THE deciding factor by any means... just an information gatherer!

    Tours are Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m., as needed on a first come, first served basis. No weekend tours. No weekend Blue Bell tours!!

    OK. Here's my thoughts about LHWP I spoke with one of the park managers and he said this would be a fantastic park to hold this event and I would have to agree. With that being said... CHALLENGE - Limited to X number/team Only have it bike/foot and no car ONLY have it in LHWP Can do a kayak section as well as "long hike in the woods" section tape off a section in the picnic area near the dining hall (a couple of weeks ago an organizer did this for their 50K race. This we where the runners started) URBAN RACE - (newbies/casual/urban) Work in progress. I really like the Fredrickburg no team aspect of urban caching. I am looking into an app that is SIMILAR to whereigo-ish. Someone said they had an idea on better scoring?? Please expand. The manager said something about having the parking placards available at "packet pick up" and already have them paid for. They would be in each individual packet. Not sure how that would work but can be detailed at a later date. Your thoughts?

    I think I may head out there tomorrow to take a look around. I want to have a good solid venue (or venues) to choose from and them move forward.
  11. Logs on Multis...

    I am reading some past logs on a multi I am thinking about doing at Garner State park next weekend and noticed a couple of cachers put that they only found the first one and LOGGED A FIND!! Seriously, do they NOT know what a multi is? Is plainly states that it is a 3-stage multi..... grrrr
  12. Has anyone done an "Urban Race"

    I think this may be something to use at the next challenge for the casual/newbie cachers...
  13. Has anyone done an "Urban Race"

    Watching a video re: scan quest!!
  14. Has anyone done an "Urban Race"

    What type of activities did you do? Was it timed? Did you use a car? Just about anything that you can tell me.

    My ideas is to have the "challenge" part of it be for the heavy hitters. Also have another event going on at the same time for the casual/newbie cachers similar to an urban race type this where people are in groups of 3-4 and are competing against other groups (not regions). Or have the urban race participants scores count in the final tally.... All of these are works in progress. I do want to split the competition into at least 2 activities.