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  1. Outpost Tavern

    Another sad step towards another strip mall. A lot of going-away parties and Friday evenings were spent there over the years. I've missed it since it closed and I guess I'll miss it even more the next time I drive by the location. R.I.P. Outpost dale
  2. Hiking Socks

    Interesting site. Only two Hiking/boot socks and both are women's. I've been wearing SmartWool socks from REI for the past ten years (2 years of X-38 Project wearing industrial, steel-toed boots and 8 years hiking, geocaching, and zoo work). I wear the liner socks most of the time, especially if I'm going to be walking extensively. SmartWool are pricey (~$15-$20), but they last a long time and are as comfortable a couple of years old as when they were new. regards, dale
  3. Garmin GPSMap 62, 62s, and 62st now on

    REI's featuring it on their website: $549.95 -- "color/size out of stock but can be backordered." My Etrex Vista Csx took a dive off the bike last week and never recovered. I was really hoping the 62st would be out this week -- I have a bike ride coming up Sunday I wanted to try it out on... :-) dale
  4. Screwed up - Bigtime!

    Today, with my eTrex Vista Cx, I downloaded some tracks to Mapsource from yesterday's bike ride and uploaded a new set of caches. All was right with the world. Then, I noticed on the Garmin website they had posted an update for my GPSr about six months ago. I checked the update details and found that a problem I was seeing on my GPSr was fixed by the update -- the position cursor snapping to nearby roadway even when 'follow road' was off. I downloaded Garmin's WebUpdater and installed it. I then ran it and it identified the update as being needed by my GPS. I downloaded the update and ran the install for it. At some point in the installation of the update, my GPS was showing a blank screen saying "Software downloading". A minute or two later, it beeped and the text on the otherwise blank screen now said "Software missing". Webupdater followed up immediatly with a message saying it couldn't see my GPS. Repeated attempts to power down, remove batteries, insert batteries, power up to hopefully reset the GPSr failed. All I got was the blank screen with "software missing". Bummer...
  5. Those Darned Computers!

    Can you reinstall Windows? Would that overwrite the old .dll
  6. Best batteries?

    Best such animal. All are going vary according to their chemistry, charge history and use. Jameco Electronics offerend a new battery and battery charger recently. Powergenix, NiZn, AA, 1.6V (that's 1.6V folks; not the 1.2 of most rechargeables or the 1.5 of most akalines), 1560 maH. Downside is that they must be recharged in NiZn chargers--no NiMh or NiCad chargers. I have only tried them out in my Nikon SB-800 speedlight. So far, one set of five have outlasted (by days) and outshot (by numbers) a set of five relatively new NiMh cells. I'm going to put a set of my best NiMh in my GPS and leave it on overnight and try to see when it will finally shut down. Then, I'll try these NiZn's and see how they do. Not scientific, but I'm not a scientist. dale
  7. Summer Solstice

    Stonehenge was boring. We stopped there while on a 500 mile bike ride through England back in the mid-80's. The perimeter was roped off. It was neat thinking about how they might have moved the stones and placed them. But, after standing around for 20 minutes and nothing weird happened, we left. :-) Last December, I stopped by GC2D05 to take some pictures of the sunset between the appropriate stones there. There was a group of women in the center of the circle doing some kind of dance snaking around the inside of the circle and chanting and playing a couple of instruments. Too weird for me, so I left without any pictures. Like bbqbob2 mentioned, either the sun or the park design engineer is off a bit..
  8. Signing the logs.....

    Geocachers, Think how hard it was to get to the cache, find, and sign the bloody thing. The cache owner had to do the same to put it there, plus has to think where best to place it. When signing the log, please use the least amount of space possible so as to maximize the largest number of possible signatures before the log is filled. Thus, relieving the cache owner of having to refill the cache frequently. I signed three caches today where the log was about 1/3 of a post-it pad. The previous 3 or 4 finders had each signed one page leaving the other side blank. There was enough room on each page face for two, if not three, signatures w/dates. The backsides of each page were left blank, also. at this rate, the cache owner (ParkerPlus) will have to replace the logs in a month or two. So, please, when signing the log, think small. :-) Let the bashing begin... Thanks, dale (kg5udale)
  9. New State Park Pass

    TPWD is a great outdoors organization. Their admin capabilities leaves something to be desired. I have yet to understand why I can only renew my park pass at a park and not online. I can renew my Texas drivers license online. I can order new Texas license plates online. I can, if I had one, renew my Green Card online. But, I can't renew my TPWD park pass online. Go figure.
  10. REI Sale 60CSX 199.99

    I currently own a eTrex Vista CX. If I were to buy a new Garmin GPS, say the 60CSX, would my City Navigator also work with it? I thought I remember reading somewhere that the City Navigator would only be licensed to one GPSr. Comments?
  11. iPhone vs. Droid(s)

    I don't even have a cellphone, so this thread has been extremely interesting reading. I guess the best bet is to hold off until July and see what the situation is then and make some kind of decision. I looked at iPhone last year, but couldn't breathe when they told me phone service was $60/mo and couldn't be packaged with my AT&T phone service at home. Sockpuppet: Isn't the "on/off" button the sleep/wake button?
  12. Tim Driver on Channel 11 News

    I saw that promo.... Way to go, Tim! It's not enough to 'wipe' the hd. I never let a computer go out of this house without the harddrive being personally introduced to my sledgehammer. :-) dale
  13. Snakes of Houston

    I've just been advised the Snakes: The Good, .... program has been postponed until a later date. When I hear a new date and time, I'll post it here. Sorry about this... dale
  14. Geocaching and MS-150

    It was Gateway to the Bay Triathlon Festival. Space Race started/finished at the Dog Race Park near Texas City. None of the Space Race routes extended east of I-45 and, except for the start/finish, north of Highway 6. dale