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  1. The funny thing is a lot of the metric using countries still serve beer in pints.
  2. I'm in!
  3. Well, after 9 months, I’ve finally finished up the “Walk” series in downtown Houston back in late July. Actually 6 years if you count “A Walk in Space” which I grandfathered in. I would have finished it quicker but I had to deal with various interruptions/travel/weather and procrastination. However, as a reward for completing all 3 caches, I’m handing out collectable (souvenir) geocoins, which were finally delivering last week! I know 3 caches isn't much of a series but there are 34 stops altogether, so you'll definitely earn this. Below are pictures of the final art work and the actual coin. For the front side, I tried to address the Apollo and Shuttle missions without it being too busy. And on the back side, I went with the Nichols-Rice-Cherry House, which was the first historic structure moved into Sam Houston Park, which is where “A Walk Through Houston’s History – Part 1” and “A Walk Through Houston’s History – Part 2” are located. Although the first 5 coins have been spoken for by those brave cachers who endured the summer heat of Houston, there are plenty more left! So come enjoy the caches and get a geocoin too!
  4. Sorry to bump an old thread, but since it's mine, I don't mind When I first started this thread, I had planned on giving out collectible geocoins as a reward for finishing a cache series that I'm working on downtown. However, I found out that for a small price increase, I can make the coins trackable. So I'm wondering, as a cacher would you rather get a collectible geocoin or a trackable geocoin as a completion prize?
  5. Thanks! I should have known that. I'll contact him.
  6. Does anyone have any suggestions on who to use to get some collectible Geocoins made? There is a long list on geocaching.com, so any help in narrowing that down would be appreciated. Thanks! TB
  7. See it? We talked about it HERE! Very cool. That was right before the summer that I started geocaching.
  8. Cool. Other Amazing race fans. Did you all see the all star season where they had to use GPSr's to locate military guys hidden in the brush? That one lady kept pushing buttons on hers and changing the screen, even after her escort told her not to about 10 times. And the other guy who couldn't find the hidden man who was about 10 feet from him? The guy finally stood up so that he could see him.
  9. Wow, I just now found out about this. How sad. The first time I met Marty was at the first Flying Saucer get together and then a few times after that at other events. He was always fun to chat with and always had a smile on his face. He will be missed. RIP
  10. Glad to see yours got through so quickly. Mine took a few weeks once I submitted it.
  11. that's one that I was working on, but then lost interest. I guess great minds think a like. I was thinking of doing an oxbox somewhere along the brazos river. More great minds!
  12. Wow, we've been there before, but it was before our geocaching days. I think I have pictures of all the requirements for that cache other than having my gps in one. A good excuse to go back up there.
  13. Thanks. I actually started this back in October but got side tracked while gathering all of the info. I had it ready to go in December, but had to jump through hoops with the Geosociety and red tape with City Hall trying to get permission to place the cache there. I explained to the Geosociety that all info could be gathered from a public sidewalk so they didn't need to worry about anyone trespassing. City Hall told me the entire buildnig is public, but they wanted to make sure I wasn't profitting off of this in any way. :-\ Then the holidays came and I never heard from City Hall again. After explaining everything to the Geosociety again, they finally gave it the green light this week. After all of that, I still want to put some more out, but it might be awhile.
  14. Very impressive! How long did you work on setting all of those up? A year or two?
  15. I've hiked the tea house trail from Lake Louise up to Lake Agnes several times. I love the hike but the altitude kills me every time. Makes the rest at the tea house worth it though. I've also hiked from the tea house up to the top of the big bee hive. I'll have to post pics of all of that on here sometime. Did you ever heed the bear warnings in the area? Some of the trails require you to hike in groups due to the bear sightings. They also tell you to carry bells, for the noise, and bear spray. And to also look for signs of bear crap on the ground. Don't know what bear crap looks like? It's easy..it's full of bells and cans of bear spray.