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  1. It's a sad day...

    The San Antonio webcam at the Alamo has been archived. 13 Days in 30 Seconds
  2. On the bright side...

    I received a DNF on one of my caches in Rosenberg yesterday. Kirbydox Left Between H and I. The cache has been out for 3 years and I have NEVER had to replace it. Since I was at my computer at the time, I immediately sent a message to this cacher to look again because it is not your typical light pole cache and not an easy cache for a newbie. They looked again and couldn't find it and replied that I was full of it. IN THIS CASE(!) I had to disagree with the cacher. Today I took the 30 mile roundtrip drive to check on the cache and it was there. The cacher has ZERO FINDS. I channeled BaytownBert and tried to teach this newbie about unusual hides without totally giving it away. On the bright side, the log was full and needed to be replaced, there were a lot of cool songs on the radio I listened and sang to on the drive and I got to spend some quality car time with Wolfie the dog. Oh, and it wasn't raining yet either! I'm also thinking of making all my caches Premium Member Only.
  3. Best TB resurrection story

    I picked up a few geocoins with the same problem. Looking closer at them, a couple are owned by sock puppet accounts that belonged to Tucson Thompsen. Admiral Ackbar was one sock puppet account that I know about. When GS dropped the hammer on him they also locked all his sock puppet accounts too. I wonder if he was at GW or if someone else dropped the coins there? I used to belong to the AZ group because we traveled to AZ for Spring Training baseball games every year. I heard rumors that Tucson Thompsen got permanently banned. I don't remember the whole story but he'd been punished several times and had several sock puppet accounts to get around the temp bans. I think (but don't quote me because it was quite a while ago and the details are fuzzy) it was because he kept publishing puzzle cache spoilers.
  4. GSAK Use

    I found this useful when going on a county run. This is how to add the county name in the first log as a user note when you load from a GSAK database.
  5. Flyover Country App

    How A Geologist Designed The Perfect App For The Window Seat I can't wait to try this out! Earthcaching at 35,000 feet!
  6. Challenge Caches coming back with changes

    Yes I noticed the subtle threat that if there are too many problems/complaints/reviewer protests the challenges will cease to be allowed.
  7. Challenge Caches coming back with changes

    This makes me sad, even though I guess I see their point. I really wanted to see a new icon just for the ease of searching for or excluding challenge caches in a search. Sure, it's not that difficult now but it would sure be nice to be able to look at a map and easily see where a cluster of challenge caches are. "What’s Not Changing (for now) The idea of a challenge cache icon or attribute earned significant support from the community. We agree there are a lot of good reasons to implement one. However, we want to confirm that the new framework will reduce the problems which led to the moratorium. It wouldn’t make sense to engineer a new icon or attribute only to lose it if challenge caches don’t work out. We’re going to give it a year or so, and then re-evaluate the situation. If we find that things are going well, then we will strongly consider adding a new icon or attribute for challenge caches"
  8. Do you have a good explanation?

    Don't forget to mention to LEO's - they get free premium membership! From "Official representatives of parks, land management organizations and law enforcement agencies are eligible for a free Premium Membership. With the premium member status, you are able to identify geocaches currently placed in your region, receivenotifications when new geocaches in your area are placed, and communicate with the geocachers who are playing in your area. "
  9. My 1k

    I love doing Drew8's caches for milestones. They are always so well thought out. My favorite is Plundering the Treasure of Captain Drew. It's not an instant gratification cache but the journey is awesome.
  10. It looks like it is this cache: GCQAMK Buffalo Barker
  11. He'ssss Baaaackkkkkkkk

    Can't wait to see you again, Don! It's been a while. We're glad you're coming back for a visit!!!!
  12. Garmin 64 series v4.00 Firmware Update Out

    I use this option for loading and I've not had the problem of disappearing events. I tried it again today and everything worked just fine. I HAVE NOT done the firmware update yet. No time yet for this. One other problem that Rich & Lola (and I think HC has too) have had that I haven't is the Share Wirelessly problem that sometimes the cache sent would show up and sometimes it wouldn't. It just seems that the Share Wirelessly is a little flaky at times.
  13. 2katz is a Granny!

    Congrats to the new granny and parents! What a great Christmas present!!
  14. Running Up the Numbers

    No kidding. I was surprised that by the end of the day Amber was huddled in the back back seat under a blanket looking like she'd just finished a marathon or three. It was a long caching day but it wasn't that bad! I'd forgotten we stopped and took that picture. It was a fun day.
  15. The obligatory Congratulations thread

    Congrats, tuba_dude! Congratulations to Baytown Bert for logging his 6,000th cache on the Lone Star State series yesterday in W.G. Jones Forest!