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  1. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

  2. Block Party 2014

    Excellent list, Greg! I think Block Party is way more fun than GeoWoodstock. I've been to all the BP events plus the Ape Cache event and still love attending. There is so much to do in the Seattle area.   The only thing I would add is to get in line early to buy t-shirts and stuff from Groundspeak and THEN do all the other things. They sell out fast and the line gets very long.  The lab caches were available before the Block Party started so you can wander the area and cache while they are setting up the booths.
  3. I Have a Dream... of getting the (S) CLAPS

    Just to clarify for everyone, we will be doing S CLAPS 42 through 55. I wonder who will get the privilege of grabbing #53?  Might not be too bad with a high tide. Weather is looking great!
  4. I Have a Dream... of getting the (S) CLAPS

    SOMETIMES? It seemed like every time I looked back he was slacking. Now I only have to paddle my own weight!
  5. I've never owned a gold T-shirt before nor one with a chicken on it so this will be something new and different. 
  6. I Have a Dream... of getting the (S) CLAPS

    Bert! It's called "we need to do maintenance!"
  7. CLAPS Holiday Lights Nighttime Paddle Event & CITO

    It was a blast! So glad to see Cache Control and Mud Frog make the trip from Beaumont and wademercer and TheRoamingItinerant dashing down from Dallas. Wade and Adam had yak problems with the rental (a large crack in the bottom) and almost sank and then hauled a$$ back to Bay Area Park to get new yaks with TheBicycler following to help if needed. Then they all PADDLED BACK to Big Island Slough to meet up with us again. What troopers. The lights on all the yaks were simply amazing. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with next year! 
  8. 2013 Geocaching Block Party

    BUT...he's never been normal! 
  9. 2013 Geocaching Block Party

      Shhh! We don't talk about bar tabs.    We prefer to call it research. The only way to get Mr. Kirbydox to travel with us is to find good beer and baseball since he isn't into caching. You and Matt didn't even hit as many microbreweries as Rich & Lola and I did.   That was a fun trip. I like Block Party even more than Geowoodstock! 
  10. 2013 Armand Bayou CITO Spring Cleaning Sunday - 4/21/13

      Sure I get blamed for everything.      It seems most of the containers need refreshing anyway and we are trying to make improvements and change it up some. Sunday we scouted out some new hiding spots and made some notes. It's always a good day being on the water!    I'd really like to do some small mashups in the future for those who have never paddled and want to learn. My schedule is a little more flexible than Cachestackers so if there are people out there who want to learn but have been a little hesitant, let me know. Don't let the gator pictures scare you off!
  11. 2013 Armand Bayou CITO Spring Cleaning Sunday - 4/21/13

  12. CLAPS: Third Annual Nighttime Paddle Event

    I highly agree!! Kenny is referring to this post that is pinned under Geocaching : I highly recommend you look at the .pdf files and print them out if you are going to do the CLAPS caches. The maps are particularly helpful in planning your time on the water. I am always referring to the maps and I've done the different series (and own part of one) several times!
  13. A Big Texas Howdy to Navygeo0916!

    bump...where has the time gone?? Event is tomorrow - come on out!
  14. A Big Texas Howdy to Navygeo0916!

    Navygeo0916 is visiting from Louisville, Kentucky and wants to meet some Houston cachers. Come on out to Fuddruckers on Wed, Nov 21st from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM and say howdy. Bring your pathtags and travel bugs - Deb wants to trade! A Big Texas Howdy to Navygeo0916!
  15. San Antonio and Maze

    This was posted on the Witte Museum Facebook page after several geocachers posted their disappointment in the change: Witte Museum Thanks to all of you for your interest in having GPS Adventures at the Witte Museum. We had a scheduling conflict and we are working very closely with Minotaur Mazes to reschedule this exhibit for 2013. It is top priority for us to get this rescheduled and Minotaur Mazes and GPS Adventures have been wonderful to work with! The Witte apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused. The Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville, OR will have the Fall 2012 timeslot. We know this is an important exhibit to our community and will keep you posted on the reschedule.