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  1. My 1k

    I love doing Drew8's caches for milestones. They are always so well thought out. My favorite is Plundering the Treasure of Captain Drew. It's not an instant gratification cache but the journey is awesome.
  2. It looks like it is this cache: GCQAMK Buffalo Barker
  3. He'ssss Baaaackkkkkkkk

    Can't wait to see you again, Don! It's been a while. We're glad you're coming back for a visit!!!!
  4. Garmin 64 series v4.00 Firmware Update Out

    I use this option for loading and I've not had the problem of disappearing events. I tried it again today and everything worked just fine. I HAVE NOT done the firmware update yet. No time yet for this. One other problem that Rich & Lola (and I think HC has too) have had that I haven't is the Share Wirelessly problem that sometimes the cache sent would show up and sometimes it wouldn't. It just seems that the Share Wirelessly is a little flaky at times.
  5. 2katz is a Granny!

    Congrats to the new granny and parents! What a great Christmas present!!
  6. Running Up the Numbers

    No kidding. I was surprised that by the end of the day Amber was huddled in the back back seat under a blanket looking like she'd just finished a marathon or three. It was a long caching day but it wasn't that bad! I'd forgotten we stopped and took that picture. It was a fun day.
  7. The obligatory Congratulations thread

    Congrats, tuba_dude! Congratulations to Baytown Bert for logging his 6,000th cache on the Lone Star State series yesterday in W.G. Jones Forest!
  8. Boson

    Yes he died a while ago.
  9. The New Guy

    Welcome! Hope to see you on the trails or at an event soon. If you continue on your streak I would suggest NOT caching out the area around home completely. It's nice to save some of those for those terrible, horrible, no good, verybad days when you need a cache but don't feel like driving 20 miles for the nearest one.
  10. Rite-In-The-Rain InkJet Paper

    Thanks for the info. We went from a laser printer to an ink jet and HATE the ink jet. It is always running out of one of the inks just when I need to print something and it's a pain to change the cartridges.Scott has said several times he wants to get another laser printer so this was very timely and I have RITR paper already that needs a laser printer.
  11. STS series

    New moon = 0
  12. STS series

    Some puzzles you only have to use the last digit of the release date year...
  13. Critters seen while caching

    Kingwood? Try The Woodlands...the heat must have affected your memory.
  14. Geocaching road trip 2015

    Me too! Now that's the way to do cache maintenance, Larry!
  15. Father's Day Card

    That is so cute! Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!