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  1. Google Desktop

    I had that on my computer, but unless you have a big screen then it takes up too much real estate on your screen. I like the idea, it's just not perfect yet.
  2. Two Reviewers!

    We've been kind of quiet lately. Doesn't seem like much traffic is moving through this site right now. Figure people are hitting the home stretch and such before summer.
  3. anyone twitter?

    I was on twitter bandwagon before it got too big, but now it's exploded into the next facebook. I do like to use twitter as kind of a miniature RSS reader from groups like CNN and Google. However, I have found several businesses and and geocaching people of note who are starting to use twitter which makes it interesting to hear there musings. I don't want to subscribe to their blog, but I don't mind occasionally listening to their quick thoughts. by the way, I'm
  4. any rumor to where next years will be. I would love to go a mega!

    We've never asked for one, but get one about every 2 months.
  6. Most Found Cache in Texas?

    I bet you that THOT could tell you
  7. You'll probably have to count Corrie and I out, we'll have a 4 week old about that time
  8. Help Dayton get a new soccer field

  9. Club UFO Event: Cinco de May...the day after

    I hope these go on during the summer so that I can attend some.
  10. Extend your range

    Heh... Ours are set at 40 miles and still rarely see new ones pop up Of course when you live in BFE... that happens I've had to bring my radius down from 25 miles to about 20ish here in Mo. City. Otherwise I keep getting League City & Katy Area caches which are too far for my taste.
  11. AWOL Cacher's Reunion

  12. One Huge Smile Series

    It is my son's car. He is SA, and he still thinks I am just pulling his leg about the water. :'( Oh wow!
  13. WWFM event May 2

    Being as I did the last one, I'll give it up to anyone that wants to do it. I'll be out of town most likely that weekend as well.
  14. There is a new Sheriff in town

    I want one!
  15. Moving To Seattle

    Awh, man!
  16. New cache published - no email

    It's within my radius and I don't remember getting it.
  17. Another new EarthCache

    I want to have one to put out in Hull Daisetta where the sink hole happened in a year ago, but I need to find a person to talk to and would need to work on creating the cache page for it.
  18. EarthCache in Clear Lake - CCNP

    I agree that it might be time for an earthcache section on the forum.
  19. EarthCache in Clear Lake - CCNP

    What to go cachestacker! Nice quality EarthCache!
  20. I'm back...

    I was hoping you hadn't flamed out!
  21. FYI - Guideline change at

    So are Challenge caches eliminated?
  22. FYI - Guideline change at

    While I know that 4-5 year old cachers don't like this because of it changing from the old guard way of working, but I actually like it. It's going to make me go after some of those that I haven't gone after yet...
  23. One Huge Smile - Sunday 4/5 at 8:00am

    Any chance of doing it Saturday morning at 8:00. I don't wanna miss church!
  24. Today is the day I quit smoking.

    I unpurposely judge people who smoke when I see them, I just assume that they have a more drama enriched life. Is this bad?
  25. Just finished Twilight. Hmmmmm

    I read the book because I loved the movie. You have to remember they had a low budget because they weren't sure how successful the movies were going to be with competitive market coming out around it.