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  1. New cache series outside of Corpus Christi...

    Ummm.... can I join you? I was looking for a place to go next week for a few days. Any chance any of the those caches are regulars? I have several TBs to drop off from my East Texas trip this week. Is there any where cheap to stay down there? My recon from a cacher that has already done the series says that most of them are pill bottles.
  2. New cache series outside of Corpus Christi...

    I'm getting to attempt this series quicker than I thought. I'm in Corpus this weekend and my buddy and me are going to head out at 7:30 AM and get there around 8:15 or so and try to cache out all 50 caches in 4-5 hours. We'll see.
  3. One Huge Smile Series

    amen Same here.
  4. EarthTrek - from those who brought you EarthCaches

    I didn't get the decoder ring, but I did get a nice shiny sticker for my car.
  5. GeoWoodstock VII

    Cache Page for GW7
  6. GeoWoodstock VIII

    Or in the spirit of Grey's anatomy we should put a white doctor coat on a flaming flamingo!

    It'll be shut down within the next few weeks.....the video function of it where you can watch the thumb nails without ever clicking on the website is going to infuriate several companies into a copyright infringement. Now if you want a sweet looking search engine, try Wolfram Alpha. It's really neat!
  8. Introducing Mr and Mrs Brandon Cass.

  9. anyone twitter?

    I twitter and was looking for friends to add...
  10. anyone twitter?

    Let me work on that.... You have to request a code. Not me. Sorry AggieJWP--- I saw your twitter. I am glad everything is okay and baby okay! Must have been scary. More the shock of it all, but all of us are okay. The doctor even gave Corrie the all clear on the baby!
  11. anyone twitter?

    Let me work on that.... You have to request a code. Not me. Sorry
  12. EarthTrek - from those who brought you EarthCaches

    My friend Mujonny told me about it. I gave him credit!
  13. When will 10k happen?

    August 11th

    I surpassed #600 this weekend.
  15. anyone twitter?

    Let me work on that....
  16. anyone twitter?

    You need to sign up for Twitterfone. You just set it up and you can call in your tweets and a guy transcribes them and posts them to your account.
  17. When will 10k happen?

    I think the burgeoning questions is will they hit 10K before the site gets 1K members?
  18. Wow...

    Am I the only one that sees insult to injury here... [House cleaning - attachment deleted by admin]
  19. Wow...

    They think the front showroom is salvageable.
  20. Geocaching Slumpbuster Weekend

    So It's been roughly since February the last I can remember actually getting to do some quality geocaching. Life just got hectic!!! However, with summer approaching and the memorial day upon us I have a three day weekend. Here's where the good news come in, I'm flying in my mother-in-law who will be entertaining my wife all weekend. This means I have all day Saturday free to cache! Whoohooo!!!! I have a goal of getting to 650 so that I can be on my down side to get to 700. I have 584 caches found to my name right now, which sets a goal of [glow=red,2,300]66[/glow] for the day. I'm planning a trip that has several legs and I wanted to share it with yall as a way to be informative/accoutable. I want to know what yall think. Leg #1 Potential Caches: 29 Notes: I realize that this is along hike, but I've decided to do the ones on the right first then come back and grab the ones on the left. Questions:Last time I came near this park, the gate was closed. Why do they do this? Where is an alternate place to either park, or can I go around the one gate that is somewhat open even though the bigger one is closed. Leg#2 Potential Caches: 11maybe 26 Notes: I realize that the first 8 or so is a good place to stop grab the car and move it to the other park where I can apparently still get the other three not disabled. However I want to attempt the other "Disabled" Caches since it's been a few weeks since the hard rains came down and hopefully the last few hot days has given it a chance to dry up. Questions:Has anyone for sure tried these disabled caches? Leg#3 Potential Caches: 14 Notes: I think I'll be able drive to get the first four or so before parking in that parking lot and going down that dirt path. Questions:Is it better grab every other cache on the way down and then pick up the ones missed on the way back? How do yall handle long strips like that. I'm not using a bike. Leg#4 Potential Caches: 10 Notes:Seems pretty Straight forward Questions:Wonder how stealthy I'll have to be on a Saturday with some of these? Leg#5 Potential Caches: 14 Notes:I hope this will be the easy one of the legs that I have planned today. Questions:Is their better parking than the mall? Leg#6 (Picture Not Shown) Potential Caches: 15 Notes:I'm basically going to be going down Hwy 99 at that point and turning onto Westpark Tollway at that time. Their are several that are buffer caches that I put in this leg in the event that I can't get those disabled caches or I run into a string of DNF's. Questions:Will I have the strength or energy at this point? Math Total: 29+11+14+10+14+15=89 If their are 89 potential caches active that I need to get 66 of them that leaves me with 23 caches that I can DNF, or a 25% DNF rate. If I start at my caching site at 6:30 AM and quit around 5:00 PM then I need to find one on average about every 10 minutes, which I'm sure I can make up some of that time during some of the small trails, but will need to pick up in the transportation in between. I truthfully have told my wife that I'm not coming home until I get at least 50 or break my goal.
  21. Geocaching Slumpbuster Weekend

    I just rechecked my numbers, I actually got 45 yesterday. Can't beat that!
  22. Geocaching Slumpbuster Weekend

    Well I got 43 today. Didn't get my 50 goal or even my magical 66, but it's okay. I'm cool with it. I did set a personal best, which i'm proud of.
  23. GeoWoodstock VII