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  1. When Do We Hit 1000?

    So that means that 89 of us are active?
  2. update

    I noticed that did an update last week to their caching along a route feature. Rather than have to use an outside program you can now alter a course using google maps, save the route, and create a PQ for that trip. This makes it much more easier for me to get a part of it....
  3. update

    just saw Jeremy's post that is probably going to be up at 12:30 our time.
  4. Per Jeremy's Facebook and Twitter status, they should be starting to turn the power on to the servers at the plaza within the next 30 minutes. Now what servers and in what order are totally up random.
  5. I'm going to a sunday school 4th of July party.
  6. I thought you were making a joke about that. But nope.
  7. Jeremy's blog post of his experience to this point....LINK
  8. Picture of Generator that is pulling up on site.
  9. And you people were doubting the validity of twitter a few months ago!
  10. HMNS "Geocache" hunt

    I don't see it either, I'll continue to monitor.
  11. What's that wet stuff coming out of the sky?

    We had next to nothing tonight, but did get a lot of thunder. Which did absolutely nothing!
  12. Cheap Energy Service Providers???

    I have stream and like it. I re-up'd for a smaller amount.
  13. What's your DNF record?

    I find every cache that I'm looking for. It happens when you are ninja.
  14. So the 60csx was used in the new transformers movie, but not appropriately, and rather humorously. One scene I remembered had the device being used in a landscape mode rather than portrait as well as having a high definition screen that could zoom in instantaneously. From a geocaching perspective, I laughed.
  15. Is the Heat Slowing You Down?

    This is why I make park and grabs....

    Congrats everyone!

    I'm a father to be, it was kind of weird to get a personalize card in anticipation of the baby in October!

    That is AWESOME!
  19. Lucky Us.

    I was in Jacksonville, Florida at a Cracker Barrel two Christmas's ago when I had my GPS packed in my bags that were deep in the trunk of our car. I told my wife and family that I can almost assure them that their is a geocache somewhere out here on the porch. They said why don't you find it. I gave a couple of tries at a couple of different benches but had no luck. However when I got back to the computer when I got home and looked up that cracker barrell, sure enough their was a geocache and I was about 15-20 feet away from it at my best guess. Oh well.
  20. Cullen Park needs some new caches

    Glad I skipped these when I was doing the Monopoly would of driven down my numbers for that day.
  21. TOP CACHERS for the Month of - -

    thanks neal, it's great to be back on a list again!
  22. GeoWoodstock VIII

    I'm going to tighten up the budget and try to swing this one. With our baby on the way in October, I hope that my mom will take the baby for a week so that we can fly up there and do this event. I bet that the Groundspeak headquarters will be a revolving door that week. Hopefully the APE cache stays active as well until that time.
  23. 100 caches in one day in Houston???

    I've been wanting to do this for quite some time. I'm thinking that I would have most of my luck by caching either near 45 or the Cypress area.
  24. 52 Caches around Lake Corpus Christi
  25. New cache series outside of Corpus Christi...

    I totally agree Richard. The area is prime for caching with all the county roads, but like ever sort of flora in corpus, they are all intertwined with thorns. I'm surprised there hasn't been an earth cache placed out there yet. Plus, the Hwy 37, Hwy 59, Hwy 281, Hwy 359 loop around Lake Corpus Christi could take a propunderance of caches. Really, did I just use propunderance in a sentence? And Richard, I picked up your pathtag that was placed in the LCC-Ferry Cache which I was able to FTF on! I also saw that yall were out when we were finishing up the series on #51 near that masonic lodge. We also encountered a sheriff but after we explained geocaching and that all the caches were in the right of way he seemed ok and just told us to be careful. I am fairly sure this was after the other cacher was stopped. I really hope this does not turn out to be a problem because it is a nice series. I am the cacher in question. Looking back on it, it was kind of funny how hickish this little county sheriff was , he flat out admitted that he was basically the only one in town on patrol. It's alright though, we played the innocent card super well. Many of these caches placed are questionable, they aren't on the owners side of the fence with the exception of a few. However, the roads that are part of the cache series are not traveled often as well as the lands being fenced are so obscure. Yes it is bikable, but you need to be super in condition to do it. There are a great number of hills.