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  1. 10 Years Event

    I'm gonna find a way to get to this come hell or high water.
  2. Geocaching now on the Forgotten TV program

    Best line of the whole show was when the lady who was the "Ladybug" cache said
  3. Guess what I just did???

    I would love to run the half marathon next year. I'm going to get started hopefully this spring and start training with Fort Bend Fit (Link) this summer.
  4. Haiti

    I remember feeling the same way during the Academy Awards that were right after 9/11.
  5. APE Cache in May?

    I"m interested.
  6. Caching and Car GPS

    A friend sent me this message on facebook "id like to get a GPS that has dual usages, gps handheld (for geocaching) with road navigation (for the car). any ideas?" What do you recommend?
  7. Geocaching Series Webpage

    Most if not all have been added, some of them I decided not to put on there because they were too spread out. However, I still think it's a good reference. Geocaching Series
  8. Sad or what? :)

    Or if the wife says "let's go take a walk over at _____ park today" and I say "But babe, I have gotten all the caches there, how about _____ park?"
  9. DARPA Challenge

    That was such a cool game to follow!
  10. New Years Event

    I'll run it by the little lady.
  11. Does it seem like we are all a little more busier than normal for caching events this year?
  12. TOF Spring Sessions

    I taught a class before, it's very fun!
  13. Google Wave Invites

    I have some google wave invites as well
  14. HGCS 2009 Awards - Bookmark List

    Interesting demographics. The west side seems well represented. Only four caches inside the beltway. Either that or a plethora of our cachers are from Katy?
  15. Another new EarthCache

    Way to go HC! You did what I have wanted to do for years! Way to get this out! Maybe I can get do this over Christmas break when I'm with my mom in Liberty.
  16. What's this? Another series in Waco!

    Point taken. Thanks! Traffic will probably be jammed around the stadium at about 8:00 pm as the aggie faithful start leaving early.... Touche'
  17. Geocaching Series Webpage

    If I get some time I'll add these series to the document.
  18. Amazing Race

    The one time I watch Amazing Race and ya'll are talking about it on the boards. Huzzah! I thought the same thing too about the blast site and the ammo can. And did you notice they were already opened each time they approached them.
  19. fivesecrethunters (1964 - 2009)

    Maybe we could set up a "love offering" from his friends at HGCS through the donation button thing that Jason has on the site from time to time? It's just a thought.
  20. FTF Trophy

    Still think that this would be a good idea!
  21. Flash Forward

    I've already seen two actors on Flash Forward that were on Lost. Sonya Walger, who played Penny Widmore on Lost, plays Dr. Benford on Flash Forward. The preview of this week's episode of FF had a glimpse of Dominic Monaghan, who played Charlie the aging rock star (and heroin addict) on Lost. And both shows involve time travel of a sort. Coincidence......? I'll follow "Lost" until the season ends this next year, however I had high hopes for season 5 which didn't pan out because season 1-4 were so good! I agree that it's become so stinking complex. Now, with "Flash Forward" I feel like I am getting a carbon copy of Lost, however it is in it's infamacy so I figure I'll jump on the bandwagon early. I wonder though since they have dated when "the future" will occur on Flash Forward if they are setting a date for the end of this show. It doesn't seem like with the story line that they can go much past April 29, 2010.
  22. iPhone 3G and Geocaching.....

    early reports are that the iphone 3G GPS and ability to geocache is not that great.....
  23. I FOUND YOU!!

    Dear Clueless,Youth today are slaves to modern technology. Many feel have a driving need, at times an addiction, to staying connected. It has gotten to the point that.... hang on a sec, I got a Tweet coming in... :D :D :D Don't hate on us twitter'ers