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  1. And I'm back, hopefully!

    Well I don't know how much this site is visited anymore, but I've gotten back into Geocaching now that I have a 4.5 year old and 7 year old who are interested. Grabbed 6 today!
  2. I'm back!

    So in the last six years of caching I have found 778 caches. 768 in the first three years. 10 in the last 3 days Becoming a dad was rough!

    I've found 10 in the last three days after taking what became a three year hiatus because of having kids!
  4. Give me ideas...

    I'm helping to lead a geocaching class this summer as part of our Technology Driven Summer Classes. I'm trying to get a few ideas of what can be inside the pill bottles that would allow the kids to have to figure out what would be the next coordinate. These are 4th-5th graders.
  5. Geocaching Block Party

    Who is going to host it?
  6. Geocaching Series Webpage

    Friends, Romans, Countrymen......Lend me your ear! I have set up a editable web page for those of you who know what various caching series exist in the state of Texas. I have done some legwork here, but if anyone else is willing to help add to this list, send me your email and I'll give you the rights to edit the page. I've currently put only a cache link to one of the caches in the series for each series because I didn't think to add bookmarked lists if they were available. I'll be going back and putting the bookmarks later. Thanks for you guys help, and I hope this can remain a tool that some of you could use on number runs. Link
  7. Southwest side get togethers.

    Me too. I'll go to any SW Side event any day of the week. Host it and geocachers will come. See for yourself. My Any 'Ol Monday events were designed to be frequently infrequent, so I couldn't get pigeonholed into doing the same old thang over and over. I won't ever hold one on a first Monday though. The one time broke with tradition to not compete with the Beaumont 1st Mondays events, I got totalled in my Xterra by an uninsured driver on the way to the event. The last A.'O.M. event was on the same night as a P&G or some such regular event and both had good turnouts with a few folks hitting both which proves that this city can handle 2 events on the same night 20+ miles apart. Some day soon I'll have one in Sugar Land Town Center. I also have the Fudd's in Stafford in mind and have ever since I saw There Will Be Blood. The title will be "I Drink YOUR Milkshake!!!" It has been over a year since I hosted an A.'O.M. event and I've never moved it from the Escalante's on 610 & Beechnut. That will be a first. +1 in favor of Sugar Land...(Mo. City Resident)
  8. I so want a Droid now

    That's my ring tone.
  9. Wife is in Va. visiting a friend, 1 year old is with grandma, and I'm all alone!
  10. PC Hardware Costs

    Heck the only reason that Gmail got so big was that they offered from the onset 1 Gig of storage instead of the 256 or 512 MB.
  11. Somehow we have to have Pink Flamingos on it.
  12. iPhone in the field

    I am assuming you are referring to the ATT 3G network. More bars in more places....
  13. iPhone in the field

    Same here, although the iphone 4 and the version 4.0 geocaching software from Groundspeak are making it closer for me to dump my Garmin, although we are still far from that happening. I use it for impromptu caching and as a solid second back up in the event that my Garmin is having problems locating. It's pretty solid though for your paperless caching needs though.
  14. How do I do a clear reset?

    Alright i have a 60CS and aparently have reached my waypoint limit and can no longer put another cache into my GPS. How do I do a clear reset of all the caches and waypoints I've created on my GPS.
  15. Any iPhone 4 Users care to weigh in?

    Let me first preface my post by saying that I pre-ordered my phone on the 15th, the first day, and waited in line starting at 3:30 AM the day it came out. I was the second person in Sugar Land to walk out the door with my iPhone 4. That all being said. I have had the phone for 3 weeks now and have had maybe 2-3 total drop calls and that includes traveling to North Carolina and being in the mountains where there is little to no service. The fabled iPhone 4 flaw with the antenna around edges has not been an issue for me. I purchased a bumper to put around it and have not seen my bars decrease even when I hold the phone in my hand. The phone is fast, I mean really fast. The clarity of the whole machine is phenomenal. I played with a friends iPhone 3G this weekend (8GB) and it felt ancient compared to my iPhone 4. No with regards to geocaching and the iPhone 4, I downloaded the update of the version 4.0 and they are very impressive together. While it's probably more of the application than the hardware, the combination of the two seriously makes me happy that I have a confident back up to my main GPS.
  16. Apparently the lid of the cache was stolen. Jeremy's not too happy about it either.
  17. Corpus Christi Caching

    Holy Schmoly, have you seen the amount of caches that have popped up in Corpus. It's crazy, I remember when Port Aransas was the cache swell for that area.
  18. Greetings from Sugar Land (and sugarlandians)

    Sugarlandians, I'm from Missouri City, if you ever have any questions on a cache or want to go out caching or on a FTF hunt, let me know!
  19. glad to know it's official though
  20. Texas Parks Geo-Challenge in the Houston area

    Do we know if this is only going to be available through the summer?
  21. 10 Years! Baytown, TX

    I was definitely there today, talked to Ribbitz for a few minutes. I got there about 3:30 when Larry was giving out instructions for the picture and I was able to pose for the picture, then made it up to the stage to sign the logbook. I know that the event wasn't supposed to be a flash mob, but I certainly did! I wanted to stay longer but I wasn't even supposed to be there.
  22. that's interesting....
  23. Support for a Geocaching Print Magazine

    From the FTF Geocacher website: "Thanks to the geocaching podcast producers at Cache-A-Maniacs, 100 lucky subscribers will receive a Cache-A-Maniacs geocoin, trackable at The coin will be inserted into random issues of the March-April edition of FTF Geocacher." Apparently I was one of the 100 lucky subscribers. I saw on Darylw04's twitter that he ended up being one of the 100 that randomly got his own coin!
  24. iPad

    iWant but don't know why ido
  25. Texas Challenge 2011

    Brazos Bend. Please.