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  1. One of the most friendliest people you could meet. Visited the museum couple of years ago. A must for all.
  2. Smokey and the Bandit, Batmobile .
  3. Our Oldest is GC98 Texas Double, 10/28/2000
  4. Our Geocaching parent is WTTB-2, former supervisor, hey man come here let me show you this new game, like if we didn't have enough to do already. But got a chance to kill some time at work :D :D :D So thanks to Barry anytime we go out of town we just double the time for all the stops we have to make and grab caches. Thanks Barry.
  5. So your saying this is not a jeep-n-grab, going to have to hike it in and out?
  6. So OHL or Cachestacker, I see it should be approached from another way, suggestions?
  7. No I won't, just need one more letter and number to solve cache. Also did you do the Alien Pod?
  8. I agree the slick shoes was lots of fun! Didn't get to finish have two more but will be out there this weekend to get them, can't wait!
  9. nice JEEP BB!!!!!!!
  10. Prayer sent, best wishes.
  11. Wishing you a speedy recovery and you in our prayers.
  12. All 9 in one day, you'll need the $100.00 for a hospital co-pay or bail money :D would love to see someone do it! Have done 5 of the 9.
  13. Have recently started the MotherGoose series a must do, and by all means be sure to bring the kids, they'll Love it.
  14. Keeping Jarihend in our prayers and wishing for a full recovery.
  15. Have never me someone with such a passion for his hobby more than Barney, he is so proud of all his creations, as well he should be. One more thing to think about when going to the museum, be sure to have a little extra time cause he sure can talk your ear off and has alot of things to show you like going back to a time warp. Barney's a must see for the whole family!!!!!! :D