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  1. Critters seen while caching

    Make sure to put both Yellowstone NP & Craters of the Moon NM on there as well, the first being an absolute geologists dream, the second a really cool insight in what a volcanic eruption leaves behind. We also saw EBR-1, the first Nuclear Power Plant that was actually able to generate enough electricity to power something and later to generate it's own power.... Imagine that for 1951! Craters of the Moon National Monument is awesome. Did you see the submarine sail in the park in Arco, Idaho? We were taken completely by surprise by it when we stopped for the cache there 3 years ago.
  2. Portable washer

    We usually spend about 12 bucks per week at Laundromats while we are traveling. I wonder how long it would take to do a week's worth of laundry with one of these things....
  3. New Paddling Trail!

    Big Thicket National Preserve is a unit of the National Park System. NPS regulations prohibit physical caches. There are very few exceptions to this rule.
  4. Caching statistics

    Well, there are certainly a lot more caches hidden these days. On our first caching road trip out west 7 years ago, we did any cache within a reasonable distance of our route. On this trip (we are now in California), we develop pocket queries that filter out all the micros and still pass up 20 or more caches for each one we decide to get out of the truck and hunt. We are pretty picky now about the ones that seem to deserve our time and attention. Personally, we are getting pretty tired of urban caching. We are fortunate to be able to hit the road pretty often. I know many people can't do it.
  5. Critters seen while caching

    Last week, after hiking part of the Nevada Star at night and driving back to a spot on a National Forest road we had picked out for camping, we had several jack rabbits jumping across the road in front of us. It made us wonder how many we had passed while hiking that stayed hidden. We probably passed many snakes, too. BTW, caching at night in the desert with solar LED lights pointing the way was awesome.
  6. August streak

    We kept it going through all of August and our streak is now 100+ Just a few more days to reach 125 and qualify for a Challenge cache. This is the first time we have worked at keeping a streak alive and will probably let go of it soon.
  7. How cool is this story?!?

    Two thoughts: 1. The container looks like one of those cheap plastic school boxes so it is amazing that it was in such good shape. 2. A bug jacket like Gordy's would have been nice a few weeks ago when we were caching in Minnesota - skeeters are horrendous up there.
  8. Attack of the ______

    Now, we know skeeters are bad in Houston, but not a bad as in northern Minnesota in the summer. We were doing a multi-stage cache in one of the state parks in Minn. one evening last month and they were so thick, I pulled my arms into my shirt and pulled my shirt over my neck and ears and ran back to the car. I have also had to outrun biting horse flies here in the Houston area - had red welts on my legs for days afterwards.
  9. Dumbest Thing You've Done While Caching?

    Hmmm...so many possibilities. Every time we climb up some steep terrain with crumbling rock, I say, "It's going to be harder to get down." I also ask, "How much longer before we get too old for this?" Another one, leaving our new Jeep with standard transmission in neutral on what looked like a level parking lot only to watch it roll backward into a ditch . . . hard to forget that one as there is a dimple in the bumper to remind us.
  10. Streaks

    We are 9 for 9 so far. We are not really doing it for the Aug. souvenirs but are on day #98 of a streak to qualify for a Challenge. We have never tried a streak before - our longest before this one was about 46 days while on a summer road trip. We are saving the ones closest to home to do once school starts up and time and energy are harder to come by. Good luck, everyone!
  11. August Souvenirs

    We are working on a streak to qualify for a challenge cache so we will end up with the August souvenirs as a consequence. 2 down, 29 more to go.
  12. Claiming an FTF

    We lucked into some newly-published caches in Ontario a few weeks ago. We signed a brand new log on a cache and a car pulled up as we were walking back to our truck from GZ. It was two local cachers. We had a nice chat, gave them one of our tags, and parted ways. We saw them again about 30 minutes later as they had just signed a pristine log on another cache and they invited us to join them to go after two more FTFs...such gracious ladies. After finding two more co-FTFs with them, we parted ways. It was very hot (90+ degrees, sunny) and they were giving up for the day. We ended up getting two more FTFs ourselves afterwards. It is always great to meet people on the caching trail and these two nice women made our visit to Ontario all the better.
  13. Looking for Pearland Area Geocacher to assist 5th grade class

    Perhaps an multi-stage would be appropriate....put stages around the property but end up with a nice container somewhere that does provide some cover.
  14. Best TB resurrection story

    Bummer! Earlier today we went out of our way to go to a cache called "G. I Joe" near Mountain Home, Idaho....we wanted to dip our "G.I. Joel" TB. When we pulled off the highway to drive up the dirt road to the cache, we saw a No Trespassing sign. :-(
  15. Best TB resurrection story

    We are hoping to retrieve our "G.I. Joel" TB that was launched in Upstate NY in July 2009 with a goal of coming back to Houston. It got as far as Alabama before being taken to Scotland, then Washington State! It is now in Colorado after traveling almost 16,000 miles and is in the hands of a newbie. We contacted him and are hoping to arrange the grab when we drive through there in two weeks. It would be great to take it to Hawaii with us, add more miles, and have a reunion with the "real" G. I Joel before finally making it back to Houston.