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  1. A & M GEAR Geocoin

    I got my GEAR geocoin in the mail today. I will try upload pictures later. GOD Bless you and your families Geosniper Fam
  2. Hello to all. I have received my envelope today with the pedometer and log book in the mail today, also I talked to Whitney with the GEAR study and she told me that a geocoin design has not been picked yet, but if you fill out the survey once a month for 6 months you will get a trackable and if you complete the 12 months then you will be eligible for a limited edition trackable. Also you can see the picture I am attaching. GOD Bless you and your family Kenneth now Geosniper Fam
  3. Looking for a new GPS, any advice

    I am also looking for a smartphone also and we are thinking of the Galaxy S3. What smartphones are you using? Thanks for the great replies so far and GOD Bless you and your families Kenneth Lewis now Geosniper Fam
  4. Hello to all, I am looking to buy a GPS when income tax time comes around and I would like to know what people are using and why they like it or not like it. I appreciate it and GOD Bless you and your families Kenneth Lewis now Geosniper Fam
  5. Funny Sign

    I have to add that to my facebook page lol
  6. ABC news story about geocaching not being safe

    I remember a story in the geocaching book (geocaching for dummies I think) about 2 geocachers who went deep into the woods and discovered a 10 year old suicide they marked to coordinates and hiked out to alert the police and ended up leading the police to the site.
  7. I beleive that this is a well meaning story but in normal news fashion it is blown out of perscpective. But it does serve a reminder to us all to be safe here is the link GOD Bless you all Geosniper Fam (previously BethandKen)
  8. Where the excitement REALLY begins

    Well what year decoder are you looking for they went 1935 to 1942/ I have made a set of paper slide rule decoders that I would be happy to share with anyone you just print onto cardstock and cut out. GOD Bless you and your families Geosniper Fam
  9. Changing my name

    Hi I have changed our name from Bethandken to Geosniper Fam as we now have twin boys and wanted our name to reflect our family so how do I change the HGCS name because it still show bethandken. I know that I can have my name appear as geosniper fam but I will still have to log in as bethandken I appreciate any help GOD Bless you all Kenneth Lewis
  10. I am in need quest ideas

    Hi all I am working on a quest type of cache and I need any ideas that you all might have this will be a type of multi cache and if I set it up the way I am thinking it will be a challenge to complete just to add to the fun of the game thanks to all GOD Bless you all Bethandken
  11. scout humor

    There is a list out there of "You might be a boy scout if" and one of the items on the list was lose elcetricity for 2 to 3 days and do not notice I noticed when I got home but had no real problems (we were blessed and had it on in just over 24 hours) and my wife now loves my little butane stove that I got at the asian market for 15 bucks (magazine want 60 for it; amazing) GOD Bless you all Bethandken
  12. The Hobbits Mystery Journey

    Hi all I found this tread tonight and for any one intersted I have all 6 of the orphan annie decoder badges and manuals (made by olvatine) and almost all the captain midnight badges I can send you pictures as well as I have made the first 3 years (1935-1937) paper replicas that I can send to you I will be happy to help anyone interested. I know of a few websites that will be of intrest like this one it also has a download that you can print of a 1936 badge I have seen at least one geocache that was orphan annie oriented. it has pictures of all the badges also you can buy a replica of the 1940 decoder for 7.99 plus shipping from the website (picture at bottom) or the direct link to the decoder is;jsessionid=2a30d5a17dcc60126b1fTR?category=7&position=1&CFID=208891&CFTOKEN=66234978 GOD Bless you all Bethandken (Kenneth) [House cleaning - attachment deleted by admin]